Gambling firms – best time to turn to data

As the spread of coronavirus case reach, a staggering over 300,000 people have contracted the novel virus. At least 18,905 have died. The threats of severe economic downturn, a global recession is looming as businesses down tools to send workers home to stop the spread of the virus.

However, gambling firms are encouraging workers to work from home after a major sporting event have all suspended across the globe. Perhaps operators are trying as much as possible to keep punters engage despite the suspension of events by offering punters the opportunity to be involve in other betting markets such as virtual sports, online casinos, among others. Yes, for punters to adapt to a new gambling method, it requires operators to turn to data as they seek to expand their customer base as well as keep them engage as live sports events as all been suspended.

The key to operator’s insight on players is the connections it can decipher between different customer decisions, using data analytics tool can draw links between the customers which will give operators some idea of who to target and where to target them during the covid-19. For example, if you notice some customers are dormant during this hard time, data analytics tools can help your business particularly operators. Perhaps it is the best time to use it to significant effect to enhance your business during covid-19.

However, with data analytics tools operators will be able to know and detect customers choice of games they like to wager, as it is the best time to use customer acquisition campaigns, as well as more relevant, targeted products and offers and engagements offerings, further, data analytics will also give operators a better understanding of what their customers are looking for so they can extrapolate it out and find similar potential customers by harnessing petabytes of third-party player’s data.

The value of data is so essential during this tough time ahead to know the interest, based on experience, and behaviour of the current and potential customers. When you know that customers are also more likely to stake on virtual sports or online casino, operators can build more accurate models to find potential customers. Then use multiple channels, particularly mobile campaigns, in app-messages to reach them at scale. It is the best time for operators to turn to data as they seek to engage punters during the covid-19.

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