Gambling in Cameroon in 2020

Cameroon is an African country with a total population of 25.2 million people as of 2018. Centrally located in Africa, this country has a large youthful population involved in gambling.

Casinos take a larger percentage of the pastime gambling activities. There are a variety of gambling activities that include sports betting, lotteries, bingo, bitcoin gambling, poker, and online gambling. All activities and gambling facilities have to be licensed by the government. Both online and brick and mortar casinos are available for the gambling community to place their wagers on a variety of games offered.

Land based casinos

Gambling is available in 2 cities in Cameroon and in the 2 legal casinos.

Yaoundé casino in Hilton Hotel

Located in Yaoundé, is the largest casino in Cameroon which is situated within Hilton Hotel. This casino has a variety of games for gambling including poker and table games. In total, there are 30 machines for slots and poker games, and 8 table games. This casino is open daily 24/7. Blackjack, Roulette, and slots are the type of games available in the casino. Several restaurants in the hotel ensure that you stay refreshed while getting entertained playing your favorite game to win.

Douala, Treasure Hunter Casino

Open 24/7 is the treasure hunter casino in Douala, Cameroon. The casino offers a variety of games such as blackjack, poker, American Roulette, slots, and mini-Baccarat. It has – of slot, video poker, and multi-game machines, 150 table games. From reel slots to the newest video slot releases the game floor is always up to date. Here, you get complimentary food and beverages while gambling. Parking spot is waiting for you!


Other forms of gambling in Cameroon.


Bingo gambling is available online. This game involves players crossing their combinations as the casino dealer reads out numbers. Should a player have the full combination for winning, they shout out Bingo! The winner collects their prize from the casino operators.


Lotteries are legal in Cameroon and the national lottery is run by the state. Popularly known as the Loterie Nationale Cameroun, this lottery has been offering a variety of games to the entire country. The industry has developed a great deal lately, offering some of the most popular online lotteries in the country. Gamblers have both local and offshore operators to choose from. The competitiveness of these sites place the players at the advantage of getting generous offers and bonuses from the different operators seeking to attract them.

Sports betting

Horse race betting and football betting are the most popular types of sports betting. As it is with other forms of gambling, sports betting is legal In Cameroon. Both live and online sports betting is available. Punters get to place their wagers on both their favorite local and international matches. Other sports include golfing, boxing, basketball, and tennis, which have a relatively larger audience.

Online betting

This form of betting lacks proper legislation in Cameroon. There lacks laws addressing online
gambling directly. There’s laxity of laws regarding online gambling due to fewer concerns over online casinos being used for money laundering.The lack of proper legislation has left the country open to many bookmakers. Currently, more than 800 online sites are operating in the country. Cameroonian players are more than welcome to place their wagers on international/ offshore gambling sites accepting members from Cameroon. All you need is a good phone, internet connection, and money in your Master Card, Visa, Maestro, Skrill, or Neteller account to bet online. It is advisable that before you consider using any bookmaker online, review them to know their credibility. Below is a list of the best online gambling sites in Cameroon?

Top 4 gambling sites for Cameroon.

These sites have been chosen for their most outstanding offers, welcome bonuses, and reliability.
1. Wild casino
2. Vegas online casino
3. BetOnline
4. El Royale

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