Gambling Industry Development on the African Continent in 2022

African has continued to witness exponential growth in gambling activities as more gaming companies set up businesses across the continent. South Africa, a county regarded as the continent’s gambling Mecca to Nigeria in the west and Kenya in the East, more African countries have embraced gambling.

Notably, several factors contribute to the expanding casino gambling online in Africa. For example, the high unemployment rate in the continent has become a major driving force behind thousands resorting to trying their luck with African casino sites. In this case, South African online gambling is a perfect case study for a researcher looking to understand how eGaming is taking shape across the continent

And as more people register with gaming platforms in Africa, a question of legislation remains unresolved in many parts of the continent. For example, how are African governments coping with addictive gambling behaviors as much as they aim to streamline the gambling business to widen the tax bracket? The truth is that gaming laws across Africa are as stringent as they are elsewhere. For example, taxation, gaming commissions, and parliamentary legislation have helped curb illegal gaming activities. Legal online gambling in South Africa is a perfect example of how eGaming has evolved in Africa. Because South Africans can access offshore casino sites and also play online lotto games, it signifies a change in gambling laws to accommodate changing market demands.

Let’s further explore how eGaming has developed across Africa, especially factors fueling it.

Why Africa Is Attractive to Gambling Entities

Despite challenges that have slowed development in some parts of Africa, fast-growing economies such as South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Ghana have become major gambling destinations in the continent. It is partly because at least 60% of the youthful population in these countries is unemployed, which creates the necessity to find income-generating pastime activities.

Online lotto games in South Africa and Kenya, and regulated online casinos in Ghana and Nigeria, are vital sources of income to lucky punters. Today, gambling is a popular pastime in Africa and a lucrative economic venture to thousands of gambling websites and shop owners. Moreover, the Coronavirus outbreak forced several countries in Africa to rethink their economic future, thereby legalizing previously outlawed gambling businesses to increase tax revenue.

Africans Love for Sports Is Fueling Gambling

As the second-largest content in the world, Africa is home to millions of sports and gaming enthusiasts. As a result, the continent is undoubtedly a major player in the growth of the eGaming industry. Thousands of online casinos provide gambling services across Africa, and more are expected. In Zimbabwe, a country struggling with one of the worst inflations in Africa, the legalization of eGaming has helped spur economic growth. A few years ago, eGaming in Zimbabwe did not have a good reputation, especially because of the negative effects it had on the youthful population.

However, the recent restructuring of the gambling industry and consequently the introduction of online gaming platforms have helped change the narrative. For Zimbabweans who have found reasons to invest money in Bitcoin, eGaming platforms have become even more irresistible. The catch is that Bitcoin is a safer currency to use in online casinos as young Zimbabweans look to avoid owning local currency that has suffered irredeemable inflation.

Expanding IT Infrastructure Fueling eGaming in Africa

South Africa and Kenya were the first countries in Africa to launch 5G internet services in the continent. It means that millions of Africans who own smartphones can now access gaming sites at supersonic speeds. The introduction of 5G internet connectivity in some parts of Africa means gambling businesses can only widen their scope of operations. For example, live casino games have become more accessible and playable. The IT infrastructure in Africa is also fueled by the fact that Africa is an important business hub for smartphone manufacturers. Technology and eGaming are inseparable. Consequently, as more African countries open doors for the latest innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Augmented Reality, the eGaming industry has become a huge beneficiary.

The ripple effect of technological advancement in Africa has had far-reaching impacts on the gambling landscape. Thus far, gaming software whose development relies heavily on the latest technologies becomes a focal point in the online gambling discourse. Popular casino websites in Africa now feature games from top gaming developers such as BetSoft, NetEnt, Realtime Gaming, and Playtech.


The gambling industry in Africa is ripe for explosive growth. When fully exploited, Africa has the potential to become one of the most vibrant destinations for those who love to gamble online. Online gambling in South Africa is especially a vital reference point when exploring the fast-expanding eGaming landscape in Africa. Despite outlawing online casinos, the South African government is on the verge of lifting the ban on interactive gaming.


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