Gambling legalization around the World

Gambling has become a common practice in large cities like Las Vegas and it has made numerous people instantly rich. There are casinos where people can legally gamble but some people are not completely clear about the regulations that apply in this industry.

Here is a global overview of the gambling industry concerning its legalization all around the world:

North America Approach

North America can be considered one of the greatest gambling zones in the world since the market has a big player in form of the United States. Although you may be anticipating the same regulations across this country, that is not the case. The sites like and online gambling is permitted in New Jersey and Nevada but in other States, gambling is in contravention of the law.

That is the case with Canada also. Each province has its own prerogative to allow or ban certain types of gambling. Online gambling is permitted in most provinces, though, and you can find a lot of highest payout online slots in Canadian casinos. The most commonly used form of gambling in North America in its entirety is placing sports or horse wagers and gambling at a casino.

Legalization in the United Kingdom and Europe

There a lot of European countries and they have varying opinions about gambling. In most countries, there are regulations and frameworks in place but countries like Poland and the Czech Republic do not have any regulations. In these countries, there are casinos and gambling sites but they are not licensed.

Whereas in The United Kingdom, gambling has been legalized and there are relevant frameworks and regulations in place. The Gambling Commission regulates gambling in the UK with France following similar regulation processes. The only difference is that in the latter country, you are not allowed to gamble at a casino, everything has to be done online.

Asian gambling industry

Asia is a very large continent with many different countries; hence the gambling laws in this region vary greatly depending on each country’s regulations. Even the countries in this continent do not have consistent regulations on gambling. For example, China is a country where gambling is prohibited, so much so that even online casinos are blocked in devices inside the country.

Macau, on the other hand, has a very large legalized gambling industry. Games found in casinos are legalized and some types of horse betting, these gambling activities brought in a total amount of $47 billion in the year 2007. All legalized bets are placed offline but this makes the Chinese and Asian gambling regulations confusing to fully comprehend.

Is gambling in South America legalized?

South America has a more reasonable and liberal approach regarding the legalization of gambling activities. There are some heavy restrictions in certain countries but overall, the continent does not have very strict regulations. The countries that prohibit certain types of gambling include Brazil since this country does not allow any casino games.

Other forms of gambling are permitted though like horse betting and placing wagers on international sports games. The rest of South America can engage in any form of gambling as long as they are over 18 years. Bets are mostly placed on horses, casino games, and even bingo which is usually accessed online.

Africa and its legal viewpoint of gambling

Africa is another diverse continent with differing opinions about gambling activities. Some countries who adhere to the Islam way of life, Like Sudan, prohibit any kind of gambling. When found gambling in those countries, you will be subjected to relevant penalties put in place.

African countries with the most thriving gambling industries include South Africa and Kenya. There are more than 30 legalized casinos in Kenya and an active online gambling international community. South Africa has over 40 different legalized casinos and also a thriving digital casino world where citizens can place their bets.

Oceania and Australia gambling laws

In New Zealand, the legal framework for gambling is quite clear and explicit. Online gambling is permitted but there are strict regulations to these activities because international companies are prohibited. Thus, citizens cannot use online casinos that are offshore and these companies are not allowed to even advertise their services in the country.

Australia also has strict laws because the gambling permitted is only sports betting and lotto-style games. Casino games and live sports betting are prohibited but strangely, international companies are allowed to offer their services in Australia.

The bottom line

Gambling is the cornerstone of the tourism industry in certain countries and states. Therefore, a lot of countries have permitted this practice. Other countries have prohibited gambling due to religious dispositions, especially areas where Islam is recognized as the prime religion. When touring to other continents, be sure to ensure that you do not contravene any gambling laws by researching each country you will visit.


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