Gambling was meant for the rich- Bravin Yuri opines

Political scientist and mental health activist Bravin Yuri has shared his strong sentiments when it comes to gambling maintaining its one of the main vices that has led to the decline in productivity among the Kenyan youth.

According to Bravin gambling and drug abuse go hand in hand and the vice has sank its claws even to the elderly in the community which has him really concerned.

He argued that gambling was a sport meant for the rich and affluent in the society but sadly the less fortunate have picked up the sport in hopes that it will be their golden ticket.

Taking to his Instagram stories, the activist penned a lengthy post addressing the issue as he called upon people to make better decisions as he highlighted how addictive gambling is.

“Gambling and drug and alcohol abuse will bring this nation to its knees. You go to the village and everyone is betting even old women. Women now go to chamas and spare some time to analyse bets, especially the jackpot. Boda boda riders just meet up at a junction to analyse bets, they make a few coins and boom! Virtual betting!”

“The thing about Gambling is that when you start, the first win makes you an addict. When you lose, you start chasing the loss and it becomes an endless cycle unless you choose to stop,”

– part of his lengthy post read.

He went on to add the corelation between gambling and drug/alcohol abuse terming it as “a threesome of problems.

“Also, most people who bet end up using alcohol and abusing drugs. Why? To try and deal with the stress of losing bets. This makes them addicted to gambling, drug abuse, and alcohol. A threesome of problems. They also do not even eat well because whatever little they get, they use it to bet. This ends up contribution to conflict in the homes and even cases of GBV.”

“Gambling was meant for the rich. Sadly, the poor are gambling more than the rich. The majority of gamblers are the youth who face the highest unemployment rate and someone keeps planting the idea in their heads that Gambling will make them millionaires. The mainstream media is not doing any justice to them as they keep selling this pipe dream to them every day in their adverts,”

– the last of his post read.


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