Games that pay real money in Nigeria

Before the mid-1990s, it was inconceivable that people could participate in competitions with looming money prizes remotely whenever they felt like it, no less. The invention of the internet facilitated this and broke the exclusivity domination of land-based gaming establishments concerning offering cash games to the public.

Nowadays, the World Wide Web is home to thousands of sites and smartphone apps that permit people to test their luck and skill en route to monetary rewards. Most of these are available to Nigerians, and many are traditional gambling products, or they have gotten inspired by casino classics.

It is a fact that online casino games like slots and roulette are among the favorite money games played by Nigerians, available at sites based in Naija and ones operating from foreign countries. But residents of Africa’s most populous country like to diversify their prize gaming entertainment with products outside the casino category. What follows is a list of ten real money games popular in Nigeria and where to play them.

1. Poker

Despite what some people may say, poker is technically not a casino product because it is not entirely chance-based. It involves skill, and that causes it to get regulated by different laws than casino-style gaming. Dozens of top-end international internet card rooms are accessible from Nigeria. And even though it is now much harder to earn a living playing Texas Holdem online, it is still a viable option for those willing to put in the necessary hours to get good at this game.

2. Slots

Slots are the kings of all online casino lobbies. That is so because they are the simplest gambling choices while offering the most lucrative prizes. All anyone has to do to win a reward in these games is press spin after signing up to an online casino and depositing funds in their account. More than twenty thousand reel spinners live on the Web, so there is no shortage of options.

3. Zuma

Paid Game Player is an established GPT (Get-Paid-To) website that allows users to earn prizes by enjoying online games. To activate that function, platform members must navigate to their dashboard and select the Compete for Cash option. It claims to give away more than $250,000 in prize money per day, and Zuma, a tile-matching puzzle game, is one of its most selected titles.

4. 21 Blitz

Here is a twist on standard blackjack action. Created by Tether Studios, 21 Blitz is an iOS and Android app that requires a small deposit to activate its Head-to-Head and Tournament games that let players cash out when they win. Inside 21 Blitz’s tournament mode, users can snag up to $7,000 per contest.

5. Roulette

While it is debatable if roulette truly is the classiest gambling game of all, it is the most social pick when it is enjoyed at brick-and-mortar locales. That said, gambling sites feature it in the live dealer format, allowing authentic roulette gameplay with a chat function and croupier interaction.

6. Exodus 3000

Exodus 3000 is an online strategy game with an in-game currency called Mars Dollars that can get exchanged for US dollars at various sites. Newcomers sustain themselves by searching ruins and mining volcanoes for Minerals that can boost their purchasing power, leading to in-game upgrades. In the summer of 2022, the Exodus 3000 website went down. It remains inactive at the time of writing but should return by the start of 2023.

7. Fish Catch

In the past decade, China has gotten struck by a fish table game craze. These are arcade shooting machines that feature pool-sized screen tables with joystick controllers. One of the best-known online iterations is Fish Catch by gaming provider RTG. It is a low-to-medium variance slot-like product that accepts bets up to $100 per shooting session and can yield rewards up to 10,000x.

8. Wealth Words

This one is for crossword fans. It is a puzzle app found in leading smartphone software marketplaces. Wealth Words delivers skill-based gaming, where players complete word-based puzzles to get a share of fixed prize pools. Each puzzle has two divisions of money prizes, and a single submission specifies that users can win only one.

9. Dominoes Gold

Concerning board games, dominoes fun is something that enjoys worldwide popularity. Dominoes Gold adds a novel twist to this classic by letting players participate in competitive and additive domino games that supply prizes. Usually, tournaments in this app feature five players, whose competition scores get compared, with the highest one getting proclaimed that round’s reward winner.

10. Video Poker

Something that even few veteran gamblers know is that video poker is the only casino gaming genre where, in specific situations, the odds can shift in the player’s favor. Note that this can only happen on distinct games hosted by online casinos when gamblers utilize strategy charts.


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