Ghana Amongst African Countries Emerging As Next Big Online Gambling Markets

Ever since its inception, online gambling or iGaming has witnessed phenomenal growth in all parts of the world, including Africa. UK has been leading the way with the country’s efficient Gambling Commission regulating the activity in the country, generating £ 4 billion+ revenue per year for the country.

While other countries like USA and Canada are also witnessing noticeable growth, the world is looking towards Africa as the next big market for online gambling today. There is a reason behind this too. Africa is a huge continent comprising of 56 countries, each one of which has tremendous potential. With reputed gambling platforms like Betway live casino actively offering their services to various countries of the continent, it’s only a matter of time that Africa will overtake all major iGaming markets of the world.

Some of the well-known countries which are expected to contribute greatly to iGaming’s growth in the continent include Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. We’ll go over few of these below.


Nigeria is an African country which even had home-grown iGaming platforms at one point of time. Home to almost 60 million gambling lovers amongst its 200 million population, Nigeria is witnessing a sort of revolution in the online gambling space. It is worth noting that Nigeria also features a huge illegal betting network that offers no recourse for protection to the players. The law enforcement system also doesn’t have the resources to go after any fraudulent platforms.

Right now, what Nigeria requires is well-thought-out gambling regulation, with legalised online gambling, to get rid of all such issues. As per PWC 2014 report, the country was in fact one of the most important African countries to watch out for in the gambling industry.


A neighbouring country to Nigeria, Ghana has already proven how the creation of a solid ruling body can be highly beneficial for the gambling industry overall. It did so by forming the Gambling Commission of Ghana in the year 2006. This commission has had a solid record of supporting the gambling industry of the country, and simultaneously rooting out unscrupulous operators. With Ghana are all set to embrace online gambling, the role of the country will inevitably become extremely important in the overall growth of gambling in the African continent.


Zimbabwe is an African country which used to frown upon all forms of gambling at one point of time. However, over the past couple of decades, the country’s population has gradually embraced off-line and online gambling activities as more of a pastime. This is particularly true in case of the younger generation.

Like its other counterparts in Africa, Zimbabwe has never thought about online gambling in good detail and hence there are no laws covering it yet. As a result, iGaming in the country is largely an unregulated market wherein anyone can offer their services without getting taken to the task by the law. Although this might be good from some perspectives, the government is definitely losing out on hefty tax revenues from the industry.


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