Ghana – NLA and Luckweb Ghana are adding electronic lotteries

The National Lottery Authority and Luckweb Ghana have fulfilled their promise to Ghanaians by introducing three new exciting E-games; Keno, Pick 3 and Daywa Scratch to the lotto and gaming market.

During the launch of Daywa 5/39, Ghana’s first and only true jackpot game, the Director-General of the NLA Kofi Osei-Ameyaw assured Ghanaians that together with Luckweb Ghana, it would introduce many exciting online and mobile games to lotto players to entertain and enrichen Ghanaians. The new addition of games will expand NLA and Luckweb gaming portfolio and also provide players with a fresh new modern and exciting gaming experience.

Pick 3 is a fixed odd game which offers super attractive prize payouts with a multiplier of up to X300. In Pick 3, a player’s bet amount is always assigned to a multiplier in the pay table. The game can be played via the website and on the Mobile App which can be downloaded from the Daywa website. In Pick 3 a player has to choose 3 digits from 0 to 9 to win. With as little as 1 GH, a player wins X300 the bet amount if all 3 numbers match in the EXACT order. If the player match 3 numbers but not in the right order the wining prize is X10 the bet amount. matching 2 numbers in any order, the prize is X3 the bet amount and if the player match 1 number in the EXACT order, the winning prize is the amount invested in the ticket.

The draw is automatically held on a certified Random Number Generator (RNG) every 10 minutes and the results are updated automatically on the website.

Daywa Scratch is a virtual interactive scratch game where on a small area, an opaque panel hides the result and the player must scrape the visual, match the element beneath to win a prize. The scratch game offers exciting varieties and the player needs to have a minimum of Ghs3 in an E-wallet to play, hence has to deposit money in the E-wallet via mobile money. Unlike draw games where you can do a direct purchase here you need to have funds in your account in order to play. It is a fast game which offers instant cash prizes.

Keno is also a fast-fixed odds game where players select up to 10 numbers, and during the draw 20 numbers are pulled out of 90 balls in total (10/20/90). The player can bet a minimal amount of GH 1. The prize for hitting correct numbers changes according to the chosen game option (or “Spot”). Keno is a high-frequency game with the draw held every 10 minutes and is very popular across the globe.

According to the product manager of Luckweb Ghana, Kwabena Osei-Somuah, the new addition of games is to expand Luckweb and NLA’s gaming portfolio and also position itself as the hub of lotto games in Ghana.

‘We already put the NLA on the international gaming platform with Daywa 5/39 daily jackpot which has enrichened the lives of thousands of Ghanaians, we are poised to introduce many exciting, modern games, thrill players and above of all create jobs. ‘Although we are facing a global pandemic, the introduction of these new games and many more to come are efforts pulled together to create enthusiasm, bring hope and positivity in Ghanaians amidst the global pandemic, without exposing the players to any health risks.’ – he added.


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