Ghana – NLA And Luckweb Ghana Are Introducing New e-Lottery Games

Ghanaians will now have three new exciting games to entertain them during these trying times that have locked us all inside because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As promised the National Lottery Authority and Luckweb, are coming out with online Keno, Pick3 and Daywa Scratch and they will be available in the whole gaming market in the country.

This is great news for any gambling lover living in Ghana right now because before that, the only true jackpot option was Daywa 5/39. While the game itself is quite popular, everyone knew that there was definitely room for improvement in this department and real money casino games online needed to be more diverse and this is exactly what this new launch delivered.

The Director-General of the NLA Kofi Osei-Ameyaw has long-promised to mix it up a bit with the lottery games and it looks like the NLA finally came around to actually doing it. They worked together with Luckweb to deliver three brand new games that are modern, exciting but most importantly easy to get into. What makes these games stand out, even more, is that you can play them online or you can actually download the mobile app. It isn’t very common for a single lottery game to have it down app but the people behind its project clearly think that these games do deserve some extra attention and care.

Pick 3

The first game, Pick 3, is a fixed-odds game, where you can win up to x300 the amount you deposit because of the multipliers. During the game, a player chooses 3 digits to score a win, and if during the game you get an exact match, including the order of these digits you could increase your deposit by 300-fold. But don’t get discouraged because even if you get all the numbers wrong and the order is not correct you could still win the 10x of the bet amount, and if you match any 2 digits with the correct order you could be scoring a 3x win. For those who only manage to match one number, they will automatically just get their deposit back. This is a pretty great deal and gives you a lot more opportunities to actually win. By using the Random Number Generator the game is updated every 10 minutes and you can bet on it anytime.

Daywa Scratch

The next game, the Daywa Scratch is, as the game would suggest, a scratch card, but what makes it stand out is that it is an interactive scratch card. In order to win you will need to “scrape” the panel that is hiding the winning combination. You will need to have at least Ghs3 in your E-wallet, but you can also get instant wins that go directly to your account. You will find exciting varieties and will keep you entertained for a while.


Keno is a fast-fixed odds game, similar to Pick3. But here the players select 10 numbers and as the game begins, it will draw 20 numbers out of the 90 balls. The more numbers you guess correctly the bigger your wins will be. Keno draw is changed every 10 minutes on the website and is a high-frequency game, it is also one of the most popular games in the world because it’s easy to get into but it’s also exciting and never gets boring.

Luckweb Ghana is on its way to establishing itself on the international market and this move of launching three brand new games that can be enjoyed by anyone will help them to further cement Ghana as a lotto games hub, inviting more people to play and creating better opportunities for the entire industry. The company plans to introduce many more games to the public in the following months and hopefully, they will be just as successful as their latest launch.


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