Ghana: NLA expects two significant deals

According to Samuel Awuku, director general of the National Lottery Authority (NLA), the National Lottery Authority (NLA) has signed a deal with gaming institutions in Nigeria and the Ivory Coast that is expected to bring in an estimated GH $30 million in revenue in 2023.

With payments starting in January 2023, the sum consists of license fees and royalties for utilizing NLA’s 590 game, one of its products.

The NLA will get GH 12 million in royalties from Nigeria and GH 10 million from Ivory Coast even though the agreement is just in its first year. Mr. Awuku was speaking during an interview at the African Lottery Association Seminar held in Accra, and said the intention is to push products of the NLA to become continental games.

Also, against the concern of minors’ participation in the lottery, he noted that deliberate efforts continue to be made to stop them – including public sensitisation on responsible gaming as well as discouraging multiple plays and addiction.

However, the other pressing issue, he said, is the activities of illegal lottery agents who he urged to try and register with the NLA to avoid prosecution upon being arrested. He further recognised that responsible gaming is very important to the development of lotteries on the continent.

Given this, he urged the Directors-General and leadership of lottery institutions to commit to implementing resolutions that will be agreed upon to uphold best practices – particularly for protecting minors from the game and in advertising responsibly.

“While generating revenue for national development and giving back to our communities through a Good Causes Foundation, we should all take a keen interest in the lives of those individuals whose stakes bring in our funds to enable us to help them,” – he stated.

Samuel Awuku

Mr. Awuku added that formulating responsible gaming policies, setting up an advisory bureau, and consistently educating patrons should be part of the measures instituted to advance the cause.

Also, the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Godfred Yeboah Dame – who was a guest speaker at the seminar, said the country’s gaming industry has evolved to be one of the most innovative in the world; becoming one of the most profitable industries with unprecedented growth and success.

Among other things, he noted responsible gaming enjoins the development and application of policies and requirements to the gaming industry in a manner that offers a safe user environment and also protects people from the possible negative consequences of gambling.

“The duty to make gaming responsible and create a secure environment for participants is a common enterprise for all service providers, online operators and regulators of the industry. We cannot relent on same. A strict adherence to these principles will avert unnecessary losses,” – he stated.

The seminar brought together gaming officials from over 18 African countries, including leadership of the World Lottery Association and African Lotteries Association. There were various delegations also from Canada, the USA, the Caribbean, Lebanon, South Africa and the UK among others who participated.


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