Ghana-NLA Resume Payment of Customers Winnings

After a Deputy Commissioner of Police, whose name has been withheld for some reason, smiling to the bank after winning the GHS 480,000 lottery jackpot in Ghana, the lucky officer was reportedly paid instantly to the surprise of many customers despite recently.

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) was faced with a financial constraint which resulted in the inability of the Authority to promptly pay its customers hence resulting in a massive backlog of financial commitments. However, since the new management was inaugurated under Samuel Awuku, the National Organiser of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has turned things around for good hence this payment resumption which has boosted the confidence of many customers in the country.
Awuku said we have made it a point to increase revenue and stabilize the financial situation of the Authority. The situation is gradually improving as part of our goal to achieve a sustainable sector. As part of efforts by the management of the National Lottery Authority to improve the business model of the Authority and increase the confidence of customers in the operations of the NLA, the Authority set out to pay out all their outstanding winnings and start paying wins promptly.

In November 2021, the management issued a press release indicating to the public that it had released GHC5million to its partner banks to pay unpaid lotto wins. The statement read, “On Monday, December 13, 2021, NLA disbursed over GHS5 million to all Partner Banks for payment of unpaid lotto wins as a first tranche, and is committed to clearing the arrears within the next few weeks.” After the said statement, patrons of lottery products are testifying of prompt payment, which has translated into renewed confidence in the operations of the Authority.

However, this is quite an interesting approach from the new management to quickly attend to the Authority’s financial challenge its encountered in the past few weeks.

This could dent the lottery industry and cause a lack of trust from stakeholders and customers, which prioritize payment of winnings as the fundamental reason for trying their luck with gambling, especially in Africa. Many players understand that gambling and betting is the quick way to improve their standard of living, so a delay in payment could spill a bad image to the lottery and betting industry in Ghana.

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