Ghana Propel to Regulate Online Gambling

Ghana propels to regulate online gambling. Since the 2006 Act that sees the Gaming Commission form under the Ministry of the Interior’s hospice, the gambling industry in Ghana experienced exponential growth and massive popularity of sports betting in the country.

Consequently, the 2006 Act had its shortcoming in the Act, did not address the unique online gambling in Ghana. The lawmakers in the state recently realized that online gambling could generate revenue after seeing the success of online gambling in other notable African countries. That captured the imagination of so many people in the country that have seen many quarters advocating for a change in the country’s Gaming Act to cater to the proper regulation of online gambling. However, the wait has finally arrived recently the Ghana commission proposed to regulate online gambling in the country under the theme.

“The New Phase of Gaming Regulation.” according to the Gaming Commission of Ghana, it is undergoing a rebranding process, which has seen the agency unveil a new logo to reflect its rebranding drive and the emerging trends in the gaming industry. While the Gaming Commissioner Peter Mireku head said, the commissioner is seeking to introduce new policies and regulations into the gaming industry. However, part of the process has seen the Gaming Commission of Ghana form stakeholders forum tag under the theme “The New Phase of Gaming Regulation in Ghana to look into grey areas of online regulation to meet international standards and the approaches to make it a reality.

Further, Mr. Ambrose Dery, Minister for the Interior, urged that online gaming was one area in the industry that needed regulation, that ushering a new phase of Gaming Regulation is an attestation that the industry has undergone significant evolution over the years. It is imperative to introduce new policies and regulations to meet the emerging trends and challenges in the gaming industry. While due to this, the government stopped issuing new gambling licenses to complete the phase of rebranding and adequately regulate the country’s online gambling sector.

Ghana, the West Africa nation, is one of the countries in the region that it’s liberal when it comes to the gambling market, which comes second to Nigeria considering the policies. However, there are no exact figures; a staggering 55% of adults in Ghana take part in gambling. Most of the population comprises young people, aged between 18 and 35, with a total population of around 30 million.

The Gaming Commission of Ghana is an agency under the Ministry of the Interior with continuous progression and a common seal, which established under the Gaming Act 2006 (Act 721). The Act legalizes all forms of Games of Chance in Ghana except Lottery. The Act empowers the Commission in the discharge of its functions to acquire and hold any movable or immovable property and enter into contracts or other transactions. The gaming industry in Ghana previously regulated under the Lotteries and Betting Act, 1960 (Act31), the football pools Authority Act 1961 (Act78). The Gambling Machines Decree 1973 (NRCD 174) and Casino Licensing Decree 1975 (NRCD 320) until the Gaming Commission’s establishment.

The Commission shall bear the Gaming Act further states that where there is a hindrance to property acquisition, the property may acquire for the Commission under the State Property and Contracts Act, 1960 (C.A6), or the State Lands Act, 1962 (Act 125) and the cost. Under the commission jurisdiction, such license issued casinos sports betting Route Operation (slot Machines) Importation and Installation of Gaming Equipment, Promotional Gaming (Games of Chance) Betting on Horse Racing, Scratch Cards and Bingo.

The Commission aims to regulate, control, monitor, and supervise the operation of Games of Chance in the country and propose the formulation of policies on Games of Chance in the country.

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