Ghanaian punter acquires luxurious house with money from betting

A popular Ghanaian staker, Enokay has showed off the house he just acquired with millions he’s made through sports betting. He took to his Twitter page to announce that he has a become a landlord despite how people told him that he couldn’t make it through gambling.

The young punter uploaded a photos of the beautiful house and noted that betting made it possible for him, so he won’t tell others to stop.

Enokay wrote;

“They told me I couldn’t. That’s why I did it. Betting has made me this and I won’t tell you to stop.”

He also said that he has another house and his most of his cars are parked there. He further dropped a quote about what people should not say or do with regards to morals until they make money.

The homeowner added;

“Until you’ve the money to finance your temptations, don’t brag about morals. Too much is hidden in poverty.💯 And please I’ve parked the other cars too in the other house I’ll motivate you when I get there from here ! Stay tune”.

Similarly, another young Nigerian man took to microblogging site, Twitter to announce the purchase of his first car, a Mercedes Benz.

He acquired the whip with money he made through sports betting courtesy of a popular punter known as Ekiti Pikin, who provides codes/sure odds for staking on games.

The new car owner with handle @jayfund11 said he bought what he could afford. He gave thanks to God for blessing him and also thanked Ekiti Pikin, whom he addressed as daddy.

The lucky winner who shared photos of his white coloured Mercedes Benz SUV said that he is proud of himself.

Jay wrote; “Bought what I can afford and l’m proud of myself. I thank God for this blessing. Thank you my daddy @Ekitipikin ❤️❤️❤️you did great 😊”

@Igbo_babee; I hate that you need to explain yourself with “I bought what I can afford” Congratulations bruh! This is huge. Set your own pace 👌❤

@L3xzy; Person come say make I stop betting,ma ta tete ku ni

@Gunnerbkj; Congratulations bro. For everyone wishing for something like this, yours is on the way


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