Government introduces new 10% tax on betting and lottery winnings

The government of Ghana is set to introduce a new 10% tax on all betting, games and lottery wins. The new tax has been widely criticised by young Ghanaians on social media, many of whom are involved in betting.

The betting industry in Ghana has seen tremendous growth in the last decade, leading to many betting companies setting up shop in the country.

In recent years, sports betting has often divided opinion among Ghanaians, with some quarters highlighting its effects on the youth.

Others also believe betting is legal and therefore cannot be described as a bad practice when no laws are broken.

Some time ago, GH One newscaster Serwaa Amihere came under fire for suggesting sports betting was becoming a national crisis.

Dancehall artiste J. Derobie is also on record to have said that sports betting is good and has saved many youths from engaging in armed robbery.

The singer maintained that sports betting was a means of survival for many young men who could otherwise have been involved in other social vices. The new tax means 10% of all winnings by punters will go to the government of Ghana.


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