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South Africa

If casino gambling attracts you so much, that’s a sign that you already know something about the current gambling situation in the country. As you may know, globalization in this world came with a motto, that is “everyone can access everything from everywhere”.

You got the idea – South Africans who want to play casino games like roulette, slots, poker, blackjack, and many more can easily look for an online source to check and pick their favorite casino site

The actual online side of gambling is developing at a rapid speed, it’s not that rare to catch the best free bonuses in South Africa for South African online users. What’s more, the recent pandemic scenery has boosted the growth of the digital gambling field even further. If you need a couple of numbers from expert professionals in this sector, consider that the global market of digital gambling is expected to rise to $93 billion by 2023.

The question at this point is “how can countries that haven’t legalized online gambling benefit from this growth in the close future?”. If you consider the economic impact of online gambling growth, you can easily understand where the benefits come from legalizing casino and sports betting.

We think that we should have a look at what the current gambling situation looks like in South Africa, so we can try to forecast what will happen in the next future. We’ve gathered a few important pieces of news about gambling, South African laws, and other relevant facts. The following guide is what we want to offer you to get an overview of this topic:

1. Gambling is legal

Land-based casinos in South Africa are a reality, both foreigners and locals can access casinos and place their bets. The same goes for sports betting shops and horse racing events. Among the most popular gambling forms, there’s also a state-run lottery in South Africa.

2. South Africa’s Gambling Act

South Africa’s Gambling Act in 1965 arrived to clarify the situation of gambling in the country. This important act is the first attempt to legalize certain forms of gambling, in particular horse racing which is considered a sports activity. Then, the National Gambling Act in 1996 encouraged many illegal casino operators to get a license and start operating according to the laws. However, illegal and legal casinos still co-existed for a long time.

3. Benefits of legalizing gambling

Let’s come to the point – the legalization of gambling in South Africa could offer a lot of breath to the national economy. There is plenty of perks to making gambling legal, for example, protecting the gamblers or helping the country grow. South Africans who would like to start an online casino could have the right measures to protect their players online, which makes up for the overall safety and security of anyone joining a virtual casino. Approving the gambling market nationally is the best way to make the gamblers feel safe and sound when placing real-money bets. Also, creating a list of selected sites that are verified and licensed would help the players choose South African sites instead of looking for foreign sites on the internet. Finally, the biggest benefit would be to attract local players and keep the money inside the country instead of having it dispersed all through foreign sites.

4. Land-based casinos

Another interesting aspect of legalizing gambling in South Africa is the growth of the tourism industry. If foreign tourists know that they can access safe and regulated casinos or sports shops when visiting South Africa, they would certainly catch the occasion, which would help the tourism sector rise by attracting more tourists. Regulated casino venues may also expand further by adding an in-home restaurant or a disco where the tourists may want to spend more time before or after playing casino games.

5. Other African countries that legalized gambling

During the past years, a few countries in the African Continent decided to legalize gambling. Some of them are Kenya and Nigeria. And, we think it’s not a random fact, both Kenya and Nigeria are two economy-leading countries in the entire continent. Also, once Kenya legalized gambling, many casino brands were interested in starting a business in the country. Now, we simply think that the same thing may happen in South Africa after regulatory measures are adopted.

This 5-step guide wants to show you that there are economical benefits from legalized gambling, as the lead of other countries already shows. Regulatory measures are necessary to bring gambling into the national economy and allow it to open the way to serious growth of the country.


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