Guinness night football brings esports arena to Africa

Guinness night football a bold and unforgettable night experience, a pan African event which takes place across Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya and Cameroon the aim of providing football lovers and video gaming players i.e. play station soccer the opportunity to enjoy a night of football and games like they have never experienced before.

Guinness has a long-standing association with football in Africa while this year they have included the eSports video gaming as parts of its go-to-experience for game players and has hosted a number of heart-pumping, turbo-charged experiences that have taken the beautiful game of soccer to a new heights in Africa.

At the heart of Guinness Night football is an epic pan African football entertainment that will include five-a-side football matches, football skill showcase and eSports arena and much more, including a chance to meet famous celebrity football fans. The finale event will bring together players and fans from all the participants’ countries across the continent to converge in Lagos to share in our universal love of the beautiful game as well as entertain game players and its fans.

Further part of the program will take the game beyond its traditional football spectacles and bring out the colour and vibrancy of the players, as matches and video game challenges will be played out in the dark, enhanced by colorful neon and lightening technology for a night football event and play station game event like never before. Though, the event is designed to feed football players and game players as well as fans alike the chance to express their unique passion for the love of the game.

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