Half of Brazilians consider themselves responsible when making online bets

A new study by Playtech, a leading technology company in the gaming industry, promoted in partnership with the research platform Toluna, showed that 46% of Brazilians consider themselves responsible gamblers when it comes to online betting – a segment that is increasingly approaching of regulation, whose bill is being processed by the Federal Senate and may be approved later this year, right after the elections.

Playtech has produced a new edition of its Responsible Gaming Report in Latin America to assess the current online betting landscape, such as the relationship between entertainment and player interaction, consumer confidence in market regulation and self-regulation, and how these insights translate into in greater involvement and security of players in the region.

The online report interviewed 2,500 people in five Latin American countries – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru. Its objective was to assess what the residents of each region understand as responsible gambling and how they identify themselves as gamblers: responsible or irresponsible.

According to the survey, 46% of Brazilians identify themselves as responsible gamblers, as they do so only as a form of entertainment, while 45% believe they are responsible because gambling does not directly affect their daily lives. On the other hand, 4% believe their gambling habits may be becoming problematic, 3% do not know what responsible gambling is, 1% are certain that their gambling behavior is risky, and 1% cannot say how they identify.

When asked if they had placed bets online in the last six months, 60% said yes – a 4% increase from the survey carried out in the previous year, showing a small increase in the number of bettors in the country.

Among Brazilians who have recently placed bets, 60% understand responsible gambling to be that carried out only on legal betting sites, 43% believe that responsible gambling should be fun regardless of the results obtained, 35% consider that responsible gambling does not cause anxiety, 33 % consider responsible gambling when gambling is not repeated to recover financial losses, 32% think that gambling is responsible if carried out for a limited period of time, 27% claim this type of gambling should not be a form of livelihood, 13% think responsible betting shouldn’t involve amounts that players can’t pay and only 3% are unsure.

With a national betting market that could move BRL 10 billion in 2023, it is essential to ensure that there are mechanisms in place to protect at-risk players and encourage more responsible gaming behavior, with a focus on entertainment. “The data from this survey highlights the importance of implementing player protection measures, as well as the focus on responsible gaming across the industry, as we move towards a regulated environment in Brazil,” quotes Francesco Rodano, Chief Policy Officer from Playtech.

“Right now, the industry needs to place greater emphasis on safer bettor engagement and data analytics in order to support and protect new online customers and ensure sustainable growth in the newly regulated market. Playtech is committed to addressing the concerns highlighted in this important study by providing a higher level of player engagement with safer gaming and data and experience analysis tools in order to support and protect new online customers, anyone with vulnerability or behavior. high risk.”

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