Hide while you can, or VPN for beginners

Apparently, if someone has nothing on their conscience, they do not have to hide. On the other hand, everyone has the right to anonymity.

And if the mere fact that our computer is located in this and not another place determines our right to freely chosen and legal entertainment – our right is to keep our actual location secret.

VPN applications are used for this purpose. Their task is primarily to change our IP address to another, from another country. Using one of the better VPNs, BlackVPN, we’ll show you how we can do it to make our presence on the web anonymous.

First of all, at blackvpn.com, we choose the operating system our device is running on. Let’s say it will be Windows. Then download the installation file. Once we install our application, we create an account. After activating the account, we decide which version of the VPN we want to buy. Yes, a good VPN costs money.

Of course, you can find many free VPNs on the Internet, but they have undoubted downsides. First of all – nothing is for free, even if it says free in capital letters. When installing a “free VPN”, we must take into account, firstly, that we see various advertisements, and secondly, that we will invite several unwanted, malicious guests to our computer – spyware, unwanted add-ons, etc.

So, taking the topic seriously, we choose a paid VPN, for example blackVPN.

We have three options to choose from:

PRIVACY (cost – 49 € per year), thanks to which we will be able to log in using IP addresses from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, Switzerland or Ukraine.

GLOBAL (cost 99 € per year), with Russia, USA (East, West and Central) and London in the UK added the above-mentioned locations. In addition, we will get the opportunity to watch American and British television on the Internet.

TV (cost € 75 per year) – this option includes the British and American package, which is IP from the entire United States of America and London in Great Britain, also American and British TV.

The amounts may seem high, but for this money we get a top-quality product. And the differences between them are not so large, so it is worth choosing the most expensive option, which is GLOBAL. For the price of € 99, we can log into the Web from practically all over the world. The license is valid for three different devices, and you can use all three simultaneously. As a result, three friends can make one license.

What do we get for this money? 18 countries, 20 VPN locations, 31 VPN servers. And besides this:

– We hide our actual location and our unique IP address.
– We prevent anyone from spying on our internet activity.
– We use WiFi hot spots safely.
– We block incoming threats and DDoS attacks
– No logs on the sites we visit.
– No connection logs.
– No DNS logs.

We can test our VPN for free for 3 days. If we buy a license, we can cancel it within 14 days and get the money back.

Let’s say we have made a decision. In the installed application, enter the product key for which we paid. And that’s all. Now select the appropriate icon from the menu in the bottom bar of our device. From the expanded list, select the location that interests us. We connect. That’s all. The entire operation takes a few seconds.

The Internet should be a mainstay of freedom by definition. Any restriction of this freedom causes an immediate reaction. Today, such a reaction to blocking certain sites is VPN. Thanks to these types of applications, the entire virtual world is open to us. And it should be so. Someday, someone might come up with an idea to block VPNs as well. Then we will use other methods already available today. And if these should fail, there will be others.

Is it legal to use a VPN? Of course.

Everyone has the right to anonymity on the Internet. And even if it is not about a specific situation, caused by the blockade of some websites by the Ministry of Finance, we may simply not want anyone in the world to follow our traffic on the Internet.

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