Historical Roots and Modern Gambling in Mexico

Games and gambling are great ways to have fun, learn new things, and develop our brains. People were aware of this for centuries, and different games were a part of ancient cultures.

Some of the modern games and entertainment we have today were inspired by the games in these ancient cultures. What’s more, casino games are often themed after Egyptian, Roman, and Mayan culture as these were some of the most advanced civilizations in human history.

When it comes to the modern gambling industry, it’s not equally developed in all regions of the world, due to different laws and regulations. Even if Mayan culture was famous for its games, Mexico has pretty strict and unclear laws when it comes to some forms gambling. Luckily, players can still access the fastest withdrawal online casino sites that are based in foreign countries and accept users from Mexico. Here we will talk about Mexico casino industry and its gambling culture in general. We’ll go over the games played in the pre-Columbian era and the impact of Spanish colonialism.

Pre-Columbian Era

Long before there was a single casino in Cancun Mexico, people who lived there enjoyed different games. One of the most famous examples is the game called Pok-A-Tok, and researchers aren’t 100% sure about the rules of the game. It was most likely a mix of football and basketball, but the matches could last for hours and possibly days.

It’s also known that sacrifices were a big part of the Mayan belief system, so many speculate that the team that lost a game was sacrificed to gods. When you think about it, there isn’t a single Mexican gambling game with stakes this high.

The Mayan civilization also had other games or gambling activities:

Patolli – One of the oldest games that was played by both commoners and nobles. It’s a race/war game that requires you to rely on strategy, but you also need to have luck on your side.
Totoloque – A game of precision and finesse. Players had to toss pellets close to the designated target.
Bul – It’s another board game that revolves around racing and fighting. It can be played by two people or by two teams. Similar to chess, you need to capture the pieces of the opposing team.

Spanish Colonial Influence

During the era of colonialism, many cultures across the world were affected. This was also the time when international trade was booming so traders got to visit other cultures and learn new things. When it comes to Mexico, the most notable form of gambling that was brought by Spanish colonialists was the lottery.

In 1771 Royal General Lottery was established, and Mexico got its very first gambling outlet. Since the Catholic religion was dominant at the time, the proceeds from the lottery were used to help those less fortunate. In a way, it made charity fun, and we see that trend continue to this day.

Other games of chance were also gaining popularity. The people of Mexico were introduced to different dice and card games, as well as horse racing. In a way, this was a period when sports betting started to develop in Mexico.

Modern Gambling Environment and Online Casinos

Nowadays, there are many betting and gambling options, and some of these are especially popular among tourists. Unlike in other casinos or sportsbooks across the world, those who love to bet can even wager on bullfights and cockfights. Of course, betting on these is still technically illegal. However, tourists and locals often make bets among themselves.

If you want to gamble at prestigious gaming resorts, then you should visit the Cancun Mexico casino complex that recently opened up. It’s called Playboy Club at The Palms Resort and Casino and it features all of the modern casino games:

  • Slot machines
  • Craps
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette

Here you’ll also find fitness and wellness centers, shops, lots of restaurants etc. There are also several casinos in Tijuana Mexico, where you can play games or place bets.

  • Caliente Casino
  • Caliente Tijuana Hipódromo
  • Grand Arenia Tijuana

Finally, gambling enthusiasts have a great time when they visit Mexico City. If you love horse racing, and gambling, then Royal Yak at Hipodromo de las Americas is the best casino Mexico City has to offer. There are lots of other venues as well, like – The Black Rabbit, King’s Casino México, Casino Life, Winclub, and PlayCity.

Cultural Aspects and The Future of Gambling in Mexico

Currently, this form of entertainment is very common in Mexico. Betting on football is by far the most prevalent form of gambling, and you could argue that the history and culture of this land had an impact on that. After all, the game that inspired football was invented by Mayans.

The digital infrastructure is expanding as well, and we are seeing a surge in online gambling. Basically, the country regulates almost all forms of luck-based gaming, except for fantasy sports and land-based card rooms. Land-based operators are allowed to offer their services online, but the law isn’t entirely clear when it comes to fully digital casino in Mexico. That being said, the government did pass the law for digital tax services. So, foreign online operators now have to pay 16% digital services tax.

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