Hollywoodbets Now Has an App!

Since it was launched in 2000, it has grown, developed, and progressed to be able to keep up with the competition. That brings us to one of the most recent, and certainly one of the most significant developments – the creation of the Hollywoodbets apps.

Keep reading to learn more about the operator going mobile, the Hollywoodbets apps, their features and how you can install them on your preferred devices.

Android Mobile App

While the mobile app is not available for download through the Google Play store yet, there is no reason to worry. You can download it as an .apk file to your smart device and enjoy all of the features of the Hollywoodbets platform.

Since the app is fully mobile-optimized and designed to transfer the operator’s services on a smaller screen, you won’t have to miss out on any potential betting opportunities any longer. Regarding system requirements, all you need for this app to work is sufficient memory storage. The .apk file can be downloaded for free from the Hollywoodbets official website.

How to Download and Install the Hollywoodbets Android App

First, you need to access either our website or the official Hollywoodbets website and locate the .apk file download link. Once you click on it, it will download to your mobile device, and you will be able to install it. Depending on the security measures on your device, you might be required to give the file permission to operate.

After the installation is completed, you can log into your account or create a new one and proceed to bet on your preferred sporting events.

iOS Mobile App

Similarly to the Android version, you cannot download the iOS app through the App Store at this time. iOS devices, like Android ones, allow you to download and install .apk files.

The iOS version of the Hollywoodbets platform contains all of the features available on the official website. Moreover, these features have been completely adjusted to fit a mobile device rather than a desktop one, so you won’t need to worry about missing out on any fun. You only need a functional iOS device with enough storage for the app to work.

How to Download and Install the HollywoodbetsiOS App

Downloading and installing the HollywoodbetsiOS .apk is as straightforward as downloading it from the App Store. You can download this file either through our website or the official Hollywoodbets platform. You need to locate and click on the file to download it to your device.

Once you’ve given the required permissions, you will be able to install it. The installation should not take more than a minute, and when it is complete, the app icon will show in your mobile menu.

While the Hollywoodbets platform app versions are not yet available in the official Android and iOS app stores, you can still download them to your device. The .apk files are real, legitimate, and just as safe as the apps available in the official stores.

Gaining access to the files is easy – simply visit the site and click on the download links available on the home page. Some Android or iOS devices might ask for additional permissions, but the overall download and installation process won’t take more than a few minutes.

The apps are fully functional and once they show up on your device’s menu, you can log in or create a new account to start betting on your favorite sports on the go!

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