How AI and IoT are getting players hooked to gambling

The global landscape is changing significantly, with the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) both growing at remarkable rates. Individually, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are potent technologies.

When you combine AI and IoT, you get AIoT-the artificial intelligence of things. You can think of the internet of things devices like the digital nervous system while artificial intelligence is the brain of a system.

However, in a practical sense to fully understand AloT, you must start with the internet of things. When “things” such as smartphones to wearable devices, digital assistant, sensors and other connected devices to the internet is recognized by other devices and collect and process data, you have the internet of things.

Artificial intelligence is when a system can complete a task or learn from data in a way that seems intelligent. Therefore when Artificial intelligence combined with the internet of things, it means those devices can analyze data and make the decision and act on that data without the involvement of humans.

Operators are using this technology to its advantage to drive there business model, with the help of “smart devices” this help drive efficiency and effectiveness. However, the question is, how? The emergence of online gambling, the prevalence of smartphone devices and the penetration of internet across all board, and the transition in players attitude. Operators spot these trends had to adapt to the era of digital transformation with a well-tailored platforms solution to suit mobile devices, betting apps and tablets to keep players engaged even when you are on the go, Should in case you are not close to your PC or laptops punters.

Imagine connecting your smart devices to the internet, and your queries solved in real-time. For example, you have some queries with your online transaction, and you consider reaching out to the customer care representative the best option for you is to use the online chat features to lay your complaints. In which you get your response back in human form but not knowing it is chatbots which solve your problem in real-time powered by AIoT.

Another practical example is whenever you log in to your online bookie account, and you stake a bet, you have stored data.

AIoT collects and analyzes and predict your next decisions without your involvement, meaning when next you log-in to your account based on experience. Alot will analyze your favourite game options which will appear first on your mobile screen and reduce the stress of navigating through the platform channels. It comes with convenience and great customer satisfaction.

Another way there use it to great effect is through Ads, for example, you are on any of the social media platforms, Yahoo or Facebook. The bookie ads pops-up about there latest promotion sometimes you get tempted to try your chance, or you get to ask yourself while is this bookmaker ads always pops-up when I am online, it is basically because of your experience it could be you’ve log-in to the bookie platform in the past through your mobile device or laptop whenever you go online it pops-up. Perhaps operators are using it there own advantage.

Indeed, Alot brings that effectiveness and great customers experience but the grave danger of online gambling it brings “gambling addiction”.

Because it conveys that convenience and you’ll not have the feeling of using raw cash to stake bets, which could make you spend out of the budgeted amount you plan to stake. However, digital transformations are solving and are creating the problem; there’s plenty of evolution in the global world to determine the ways to help us live more connected lives.

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