How Cryptos are Changing the Concept of Gambling?

Since its inception, the value of the bitcoin coin has been steadily gaining popularity and increasing in value, albeit sometimes with short-term drops. Thanks to this popularity, other cryptocurrencies began to appear, so today casinos offer to pay not only in Bitcoins but also Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tether and other virtual units.

In the field of gambling, the cryptocurrency did not immediately find a place for itself, but now it seems to be an ideal option for betting. Online casinos with cryptocurrency today can offer customers better conditions compared to fiat money, for example, complete anonymity and instant transfers. In addition, companies often offer interesting promotions for users to fund their accounts in virtual currency.

What is the impact of cryptocurrencies?

Online casinos began to accept cryptocurrency not so long ago, several years after its creation. The first companies, at their own peril and risk, began cooperation with cryptocurrency wallets, and at first, it seemed that this undertaking would not pay off, because clients themselves had not yet begun to make payments in virtual currency. However, it has now become clear that this was the right step into a new future.

So, today casinos are already operating, which offer to make settlements exclusively in cryptocurrencies, and this made it possible to take a fresh look at security issues. The fact is that cryptocurrency casinos may not ask customers to verify their identity, because blockchain technology already has all the necessary degrees of protection that prevent the actions of fraudsters.

Unfortunately, of course, there are only a few such casinos so far, while other companies adhere to the old ways of working. Even if they offer cryptocurrency as a means of payment, it is only on the same conditions as when using other currency options – with verification.

Pros of betting in cryptocurrency

In order to analyze why cryptocurrencies have taken root so well in the gambling industry, it is worth considering the pros of cryptobetting for players who place bets in virtual coins. Some of the main benefits include instant transfers – it only takes a few minutes to transfer funds on your account, security, and anonymity. We will have a closer look at each of them below.

Blockchain Decentralization and Secure Payments

Perhaps this is one of the main advantages for those who like to place bets, especially in countries where such entertainment is prohibited. When using the blockchain, the government will not be able to receive data on transfers and will not link them with the player in any way. In addition, choosing such a currency will shield the user from any taxes that he has to pay on winnings.

Cryptocurrencies provide user anonymity

Another nice thing about using cryptocurrencies is anonymity if we talk about companies that do not force users to undergo verification. Thus, the casino does not have personal customer data or information about transfers, which means that nothing threatens them.

Instant transfers

Blockchain technology ensures that the transfer is considered completed after several subsequent transactions in the system. For Bitcoin and large cryptocurrencies, it literally takes a moment to wait, but in the case of less common ones, it can take up to half an hour. Nevertheless, in comparison with other options for transferring funds, this is not comparable, because often transactions to electronic wallets take a day, and to bank accounts up to 7 business days.

High security of transfers

If in the case of standard casino currencies, you have to encrypt data, then there is no possibility of data leakage during transfers in cryptocurrency. However, the funds could go forever in an unknown direction if there is an error in it, so be careful when entering the address for the transfer. In fact, blockchain technology, despite all the advantages, is still not ideal. The fact is that for security reasons, the addresses to which funds are sent must be new each time. So the user has to spend some time to get it. In addition, in order to make a deposit, a player must first send a message to support, make a request and wait for a new address to send funds. But these small inconveniences are paid off by the instant transaction speed.


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