How Does The Betting Scene in Burundi Look Like

Burundi is a small country in East Africa. It is a landlocked country. A French and English speaking Nation with a population of around 12.7 million people. Betting and gambling are legal in Burundi while the online betting scene laws are unclear.

The betting scene in Burundi is unique. It has only one brick-and-mortar casino and one lottery system. Football betting is widely celebrated more than any other sport in Burundi.

Internet Accessibility

Popular online betting games are unavailable for Burundian Bettors due to factors such as low internet penetration and unregulated online betting and gambling laws. Internet coverage in Burundi is below 10% and a few bettors who can access the internet participate in online sports betting. They sign-up with international sports bookies that accept players from Burundi.

Popular Betting Sports

Burundi bettors are quite familiar with horse racing, tennis, and football. But the love for football surpasses all other sports. The local leagues are the most anticipated football matches in the country such as the Primus Ligue, President’s Cup, and Beach Soccer Competition. Stadiums are filled with spectators who come to support, jeer, and place a bet on their favorite team. It is usually a celebration during this season and even some of the football players have been recruited to play for other foreign clubs. International betting firms have included the Primus Ligue into their betting listing.

During the seasons of the Europe League, Serie A, African Cup, La Liga, Worldcup, and Bundesliga betting shops and sports bars in Burundi are filled with football fanatics. They get to support their team and place a bet. Offline betting shops offer a platform for Burundian Punters to meet and analyze the games as they have a good time.

Although there are many online betting sites in Africa, only a few are available for Burundian punters due to the low internet penetration such sites include William Hill, Bet365, Betgold, and BetRahisi. These sites are safe and secure and give the best user experience. They accept all major forms of payment methods such as Visa Cards, MasterCard, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill, PaySafeCard, and bank transfers.

Unpopular Games

Apart from football, tennis, and horse racing, Burundi has limited games that a Burundian punter can participate in, for instance, bingo. Currently, the majority of Burundians are not aware of the bingo game due to the lack of bingo halls and the unpopularity of the game in the country. Nevertheless, bingo players from Burundi can still access international bingo sites to participate in the game. Online poker is another unpopular betting sport that is not regulated and somehow unavailable in Burundi. Although the online betting and gambling market in Burundi is unregulated, Burundians are free to play on any international based bookie.

There are no Burundi-based online betting firms, players rely on international-based betting firms to participate in placing a bet. They are free to participate in any online casino games, online poker, and online sports betting with no restrictions. However, they do accept Burundian Francs—they only accept international standard currencies like Dollars and pounds.

The Famous Casino in Burundi

Lydia Ludic Boridi is the only casino in Burundi. It is located at the epicenter of the capital city, Bujumbura. It was opened in January of 2001 as a result of the partnership between the National Lottery of Burundi and Jacques Renard, a French businessman. The casino was set up with the aim of the provision of jobs and the creation of revenue for the government. Moreover, there is a good number of people were employed since the establishment of the casino.

Lydia Ludic Boridi is a legally operated casino and is equipped with a few slots machines and video poker. On the other hand, the casino does not offer table games, online bingo, online casino, or online poker.

Burundi is not considered a tourist place due to the civil wars and frequent political unrest. Thus only a handful of tourists visit Lydia Ludic Boridi casino. A casino is a popular place for the working class of Bujumbura. It is a place where they get to experience the casino thrill from Monday to Sunday. Visitors can enjoy a free parking space.

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