How gambling is allowed in Zambia

Zambia is a landlocked country in the Southern-central part of Africa, with over 17 million people. The capital city of this republic is Lusaka which is also the pinnacle of gaming activities within the country being the host to 10 facilities for gambling.

Lotteries, sports betting and casinos are the legal forms of gambling that are permitted in Zambia, however, sports betting and lotteries are more popular than casinos. Gambling in land-based casinos is fully regulated and legal; however, just like most African countries, Online gambling lacks sufficient legislation. The existence of clear regulations allows for the licensing of more land-based casinos. This caters for the large gambling community which consists of both locals and foreigners. The rise in the gambling industry in Zambia has been attributed to the fact that Zambia owns some of the most magnificent, picturesque attraction sites and wildlife.

Gambling legislation in Zambia

Gambling is legal and available for all persons above the legal age of 18 years. The government regulates all gambling activities besides online gambling through the respective body, the Betting Control and Licensing Board, which is also responsible for licensing all the facilities operating within the country. Lack of regulations for online gambling has allowed offshore gambling sites to offer their services to the gambling community.

There are 3 Acts under gambling which consist of the lottery act, the Betting Control Act, and the Casino Act under which each legal form of gambling is regulated. These regulations enable the government to monitor the industry to curb underage gambling, collect levies and revenues for the country’s economic growth and to protect Zambian gamblers from fraud.

Land-Based Casinos in Zambia

Diamond Casino

Situated along the Kafue Road in Lusaka Zambia is this world-class casino that offers gamers a variety of gaming activities. While playing your favourite game, you get the chance to place a bet which could possibly earn you money. The casino offers sumptuous meals and drinks as you game to ensure that you are fully entertained. There are both table games such as Blackjack, American Roulette and Caribbean stud, and slot machines. This casino has a total of 18 table games and is available 24/7.

Majestic Casino

This casino is located in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka and offers games from its state of the art gaming facilities. Gamers stand chances of winning great prizes from playing slots with progressive jackpots. The winners are established during the draws conducted weekly. Table games are also available, and they include, Stud poker, Blackjack, and the American Roulette. You are welcome to play your favourite game any day from 10: 00 am to 4:00 am the duration during which the casino is open for gaming.

Falls Casino, Livingstone

Located in the Livingstone, Zambia is the Falls casino obtaining its name from its proximity to the Victoria Falls. This casino is the epitome of gambling in Livingstone as the largest facility with a total of 77 gaming machines for slots and video poker as well as 5 table games for live gaming. The games available for gambling include stud poker, Blackjack and American Roulette. The casino offers a spacious room for cardroom poker and Bingo halls. The casino is available round the clock.

Lusaka Royale Casino

The Lusaka Royale casino is a world-class casino, evident from the fact that this facility has been awarded for being Lusaka’s best gaming venue. The facility offers live table games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Raise ‘Em poker as well as slot machines. The total number of machines available is 156 machines and 9 table games. The casino is situated in a mall complex complementing its services with the one of a kind hotel menus with exotic cuisines to keep you entertained and refreshed when playing to win. Table games are available for gaming every day starting 3:00 pm until 2:00 am while slots are available from 10:00 am to 4:00 am


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