How has the English Premier League Impacted the Youth in Nigeria?

The English Premier League is the most loved foreign football leagues in Nigeria, especially by the youths, but that does not mean teenagers and the elderly do not love the league, as it also has a huge following among them.

The manner in which presenters of football broadcast and carry on with the commentary of matches with passion and zeal could be some of the aspects that have attracted a large audience and following among the youths. As a supporter, one is pulled towards ensuring that they identify with a club as a form of supporting it silently on television. As staunch supporters, many of them follow by viewing live matches from the start to the end of the league. Viewing takes place in homes for those who can afford Digital Satellite Television (DSTv) subscriptions, or in centers where viewers pay-per match to enjoy.

These viewing places are distributed all over the country, as they are not only limited to urban centers. The fact that cable television companies are on the rise also implies that viewing is possible with subscriptions that are manageable. In turn, viewers indicate their pride in supporting their selected football clubs in these centers, in schools, on social media, and any other platform where there is a discussion about the league.

Reasons why Nigerians Love the EPL

• Many fans indicated that they love the league simply because it is football, and many fans enjoy the sport
• The fact that it is thrilling and fun to watch
• It is one of the most unpredictable leagues in the world, as there is no single team that can dominate for a long time (one fan suggested that they can select six teams that could win the title at any given time)
• The picture quality of the live matches is high, and as such one can hardly miss out on anything going in the pitch
• It is the most popular as it also attracts the best footballers in the world

The Impact of the EPL on Nigerian Youth

From the description offered by the United Nations in 2003, sports are activities that aid in the promotion of social interaction, mental comfort, and physical strength. Social interaction is of utmost importance considering that it brings people from varying social classes, ethnicities, or religions together, especially supporters of a specific sport, and in this case football. At the same time, it may bring about hate and anger where staunch club fans are pitted against each other in a game.

In Nigeria, youths have been impacted in the following ways:
• It has created a more relaxed way of passing time by watching live matches
• It brings people together, thereby creating unity as many people who are strangers meet
• The joyous moments it creates has made people healthier as happy hormones are released from the brain
• On a negative note, many people are addicted and staunch supporters to the extent that they fight each other as opposing fans
• For some youths, the get a living from running viewing centers where they charge people to watch live games

The Impact of the EPL on Gambling in Nigeria

Some people may point to the fact that gambling is a main concern for youth in the country, but a deeper analysis on the issue indicates that there are many benefits that come about from betting, especially on the EPL. As mentioned, it is the most popular football league among the youth, as many like following upon their teams as they play. Betting on their teams would come as a natural thing as viewing live matches is easily possible.

Betting on the EPL has helped in various ways, including:
• Earning extra cash from the live matches
• Many youths have been employed in the various betting companies, besides being self-employed by running betting booths that are located all over the country
• Engaging in sporting activities, many of which that have been sponsored by major betting companies in the country

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