How I stopped gambling?

Gambling is now very common in our society due to the upsurge of sport betting . Gambling simply means putting something of value into something in other to get more .

There are alot of them currently now, some few ones include ; sport betting ranging from football games to ice hockey , basketball games . It is no longer new that gambling comes with addiction . The addiction might be triggered as a result of near winning , winning and continuous gambling can make someone to be addicted to gambling ( sporting betting , virtual betting etc ) .

As a former victim of gambling , I can categorically tell you that , it has no gain , rather it kill your time , money and youthful energy . Though , I have won 139,000 naira from virtual betting and 55,000 from sport betting and other winnings , but I can still tell you that , it does much harm than good , and even the money you make from gambling , you can’t be able to use it responsibly . Many of us , have told ourselves that , we want to stop gambling , but we can’t . So what do you think is the problem ? Is it that , you can’t control yourself ? Yes , you are addicted that is why . And one other sign to Know that , you are addicted is when you feel very uncomfortable , if there are no games to bet on or you want the weekend to come quickly so that , you can bet .

I know that every gambler want to stop at a point , but they can’t because they are addicted . But , I can tell you that , you can quit gambling . Yes , our reasons for betting might differ but most of us gamble because we feel we are not getting enough money , and we want to make more money and stay comfortable . But , my dear , I tell you , you will never be comfortable with betting . It’s actually a trick for destruction .

To cut the whole story short , I will share how I stopped betting successful . And I feel , most people were suffering like me out there, so I decided to share it here , so that , people can also learn from me and stop gambling . First of all I want to thank God Almighty for helping me to stop this bad stuff , it was indeed not by my strength , but it was God .

In trying to stop betting , I used a principle call “No is No” principle . To stop betting , I developed a strong will power and said to myself , my NO is No . It was like a law to me , when i said No to betting . And it worked perfectly , it’s over 2 months I have not gambled . I think , this my story will help you . To stop gambling , you must develop a strong will power and pray to God Almighty to help you . You will surely see wonders .



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