How International Betting Companies are Changing Ghana’s Gambling Industry

The Ghanaian gambling industry has come a very long way; from the humble days of the national lotteries in the 1960s to the current online betting era. While lotteries still remain, and casinos continue to grow, sports betting is by far the most popular form of gambling in the country.

Ghana is now one of the biggest sports betting markets in Africa, and is rated amongst the fastest growing industries in the world.

Ever since the setting up of the Gaming Commission in 2006, which effectively legalised sports betting, Ghana has seen a steady increase in the number of gambling sites operating in the country.

The country now hosts over 70 gambling sites, including international heavyweights like betway and bet365.

These sites have had the experience of operating in many countries all over the world, and they are now bringing that expertise into the Ghanaian market.

Indeed, bet365’s recent arrival in the Ghanaian market has fortified the West African nation’s position as one of the top dogs in the African gambling industry.

Prior to the launch of their Ghanaian site, bet365 hadn’t had an official presence in any African market.

Widely seen as the biggest bookmaker in the world, as discussed in this bet365 review, the English-based site formally entered the Ghanaian market in November 2022, establishing a Ghana-specific website that accepts Ghanaian cedis and mobile money payments.

“It was our preferred location for our first launch into Africa, as one of the most highly regulated, and highly regarded betting markets on the continent” – a bet365 official said.

This is indeed a glowing endorsement for the Gaming Commision of Ghana.

Bet365 may be the highest profile international betting site in Ghana, but it is by no means the only foreign operator. These international sites are now arriving in droves, and are drastically changing the industry.

With competition for customers at an all-time high, sports betting providers are having to up their games and think out of the box to win over prospective users. This has naturally led to an increase in the quality of service rendered to Ghanaian players. Foreign betting sites like betway and bet365 have also helped raise awareness of the importance of responsible gambling.

The phrase, “responsible gambling” is thrown around a lot in the gambling sphere, but much of it has been lip service rather than deliberate action. However, with these international betting sites and their strict responsible gambling policies, Ghanaian players are becoming more aware of the importance of this concept.

Bet365, especially, are incredibly meticulous with their policies. They have a very stringent verification process that effectively eliminates underage gambling, and their Deposit Limit feature is now being emulated by many other betting sites in Ghana.

Of course, more international betting companies also mean more money for the gambling industry.

To obtain a sports betting licence in Ghana, an impending operator must pay USD 40,000 or its Ghanaian cedis equivalent. A casino licence costs USD 50,000. This should also mean more tax revenue for the Ghanaian government, but at the moment, we aren’t doing enough to maximise the revenue opportunities presented by online sports betting.

The gambling game is certainly on the upward trajectory in Ghana, and the influx of foreign betting sites has been a big contributing factor.


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