How Kenya and the UK differ in dealing with problem gambling

Here are the different ways Kenya and the United Kingdom differ when it comes to dealing with gambling. Gambling problems or gambling addiction is a massive issue not only in the UK but also in Kenya, where people have fewer educational resources and abilities to get professional help.

The growing number of casino websites and betting platforms is connected to people getting more interested in trying their luck to win a big sum of cash.

However, this hobby often leads to significant personal, financial, and social issues, as well as severe addiction.

Problem Gambling Solutions in the UK

In the UK, the number of resources and helplines that are available for individuals who are prone to addiction or already struggling with addiction is massive. Let’s check the main solutions provided to such a category of players.

NHS Gambling Clinics

The NHS provides specialised gambling clinics, such as the National Problem Gambling Clinic in London and the Northern Gambling Service, in which gamblers can receive treatments including cognitive-behavioural therapy and group therapy.


A specialised program created for players who can voluntarily self-exclude themselves from any gambling action from 6 months to five years. It is important to note that GamStop includes only UK-licensed casinos, which allows players to still access non Gamstop sportsbooks that operate outside the country.

This is why commitment to GamStop requires awareness and understanding of a problem and its consequences for the players.

Problem Gambling Solutions in Kenya

The enormous scale of Kenya’s betting addiction is highlighted by leaked figures from the regulator, showing that punters wagered over Sh30 billion (£235m) in a single month of May 2020.

The staggering size of the local betting on different sports came to light from a leaked spreadsheet of revenue declarations made by gambling firms to the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) for May 2019, just before the government introduced tougher regulations and higher taxes.

Let’s check what resources, helplines and programs Kenya offers to local gamblers to protect them from harm, educate them on potential risks and help them deal with gambling addictions.

Responsible Gambling Kenya

This is the foremost provider of information, advice, support, and free counselling for the prevention and treatment of problem gambling in the country.

The organisation provides a National Gambling Helpline and offers treatment for problem gamblers and their families. They also aim to raise awareness about responsible gambling and responsible gambling practices that can stop negative consequences.

Gaming Awareness Society of Kenya (GASK)

This society works on cultivating awareness, empowering the youth, and advocating for responsible behaviours to prevent and minimise gambling harm. It is youth volunteers who conquered gambling addiction, as well as experts in addiction counselling, education, and community outreach.

GASK offers educational sessions and shares stories of resilience, helping local gamblers overcome difficult times in their lives.


Similar to GamStop in the UK, GamBan offers self-exclusion tools for current gamblers who struggle to control their behaviour.

By subscribing to GamBan, players will be blocked from a list of casino and betting platforms, monitor their progress, get access to educational resources, and receive technical support. GamBan offers a fee-based subscription, however, there is a trial period which can help gamblers understand how good this self-exclusion tool works for them.

All the programs and self-exclusion tools that are available in Kenya aim to save players money, reduce temptation and stress, and make them feel healthier and better by improving their outlook on life.


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