How Kenya’s biggest jackpot winners invested their multi-million shillings

Winning a life-changing jackpot is a dream that many people harbor. In Kenya, several fortunate individuals have experienced the thrill of becoming millionaires overnight through various jackpot games.

This article explores the stories of some of the biggest jackpot winners in Kenya and how they chose to invest their newfound wealth. Cosmas Korir Cosmas Korir, the fortunate winner of the Sh. 208 million Sportpesa Jackpot in 2018, found himself thrust into the spotlight as the luckiest man in the world.

Gordon Ogada, Man Who “Splurged” his Sh 230 Million Jackpot Winnings in Charity Work However, he wasted no time in making the most of his newfound wealth. In an interview with Nation, Korir revealed the wise decisions he made with his winnings, providing a glimpse into his journey of financial transformation. First and foremost, Korir treated himself to a Sh. 12 million Toyota Land Cruiser V8, a symbol of his success and a reward for his incredible stroke of luck. With his passion for cars satisfied, he turned his attention to those who had supported him along the way.

Gordon Ogada

Recognizing the contributions of his two betting friends, he generously shared Sh. 5 million with each as a token of appreciation. Taking care of his family’s future, Korir invested a portion of his winnings in a rural home in Bomet. Having encountered financial constraints during its construction, he infused Sh. 2 million from his newfound fortune, completing the project and paying off the remaining debt. Additionally, he purchased a flat in Eldoret for his family’s residence, ensuring their comfort and security. Mindful of the need for financial planning, Korir made the prudent decision to lock away Sh. 130 million in a Fixed Deposit Account.

This allowed him the opportunity to carefully consider his future investments and seek expert advice. After half a year of contemplation, he decided to venture into the real estate sector, purchasing two flats in Kitengela. His first acquisition, the Double KK flat, cost Sh. 50 million and generated a rental income of Sh. 570,000 when fully occupied. Although the challenges of the real estate market occasionally impact occupancy rates, he still managed to earn a respectable Sh. 400,000 in a good month. Impressed by the success of his initial investment, he acquired a second flat in Kitengela for Sh. 65 million.

This property comprises 25 one-bedroomed houses and 71 bedsitters, offering a total of 96 rooms. When fully occupied, it yields an estimated monthly income of Sh. 820,000. Demonstrating his shrewd business acumen, Korir diversified his portfolio by investing in machinery and purchasing multiple parcels of land in Eldoret. Moreover, he fulfilled a dream by building a magnificent mansion for his family.

Samuel Abisai captured the world’s attention when he won the staggering sum of Sh221 million in the Sportpesa Jackpot by accurately predicting the outcome of 17 football matches. Moving ahead by three years, Abisai emerged as a remarkable illustration of achieving financial success, demonstrating that prudent management of a gambling windfall can result in enduring financial independence.

While appearing on the Churchill Show in October 2020, Abisai shared that he dedicated a full year to introspection and meticulous investment planning. His initial display of benevolence was centered around his local church. Rather than adhering to the conventional practice of giving 10% tithe, Abisai personally visited the church to understand their specific requirements. With a generous spirit, he wholeheartedly fulfilled the requests put forth by the pastor and various departments within the church, exemplifying his deep appreciation and unwavering commitment to giving back.

Furthermore, Abisai made it a priority to ensure the well-being and comfort of his mother, prioritizing her needs and making certain she was taken care of. After his life-changing win, Abisai decided to take a personal holiday to Holland, where he had friends. It was during this time that he revealed his newfound wealth to a girlfriend who was unaware of his financial windfall .

With his mind cleared and a sense of financial control established, Abisai embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. He started several businesses, often partnering with long-term friends to create ventures from scratch. One example is his partnership with a young man named Malik, who had a garage in Rongai. Rather than simply giving him money, they joined forces and built a business together.

Abisai also extended his support to others, employing individuals from Kakamega in his own company. Following his jackpot win, Abisai received numerous business proposals from various companies and individuals seeking partnerships. However, he carefully considered which projects to pursue and after a year of thoughtful planning, he ventured into the manufacturing industry.

He teamed up with Chinese partners to establish a business focused on producing house and car paints, utilizing the skills he acquired during his scholarship in China. Before his lottery victory, Abisai had pursued his education at the University of Nairobi and obtained skills in the manufacturing of paints while studying in China. Gordon Ogada Gordon Ogada became a member of the millionaire’s club when he won a staggering amount of Sh230,742,881 in the SportPesa Mega-Jackpot in February 2022. In an interview with The Nairobian after his historic win, Ogada clarified a common misconception that he is perpetually wealthy since his victory. He revealed that the truth is quite the opposite.

“I don’t have the money. I know it’s hard to believe.”

So, where did the money go? Ogada explained that he invested almost the entire amount in long-term ventures. Contrary to popular belief.

“I don’t have money just floating like many people want to believe. I am broke most of the time.”

Ogada admitted that his numerous investments had drained him financially. However, he did allocate some funds to improve his parents’ home in the village, building houses for them and purchasing a few cows. According to reports, he constructed an opulent residence in Nyatike village, Migori, during the current year. Additionally, he has utilized his substantial wealth to cover the educational expenses of underprivileged children and enhance the well-being of elderly individuals.

Despite these expenditures, Ogada expressed embarrassment over his financial situation, as he is unable to provide financial assistance to friends and relatives who mistakenly believe he is flush with cash. While Ogada acknowledged that he made some mistakes along the way, he feels he managed his finances reasonably well overall. He expressed a desire to be more responsible if he were to win again. As for his current net worth, Ogada explained that he can only count his properties, as he does not have money readily available.

“I can only count my properties for now. I don’t have money seating somewhere. That alone worries me at times. It is especially difficult convincing relatives and friends that I don’t have money in my pockets. They don’t understand. No one seems to understand. But I do, and that’s what matters for now.”

Despite his financial challenges, Ogada continues to participate in betting, aiming to win another jackpot. Geoffrey Kung’u Geoffrey Kung’u, a farmer hailing from Nyandarua, experienced a life-changing moment at the start of 2017 as he joined the exclusive millionaires club. This remarkable transformation came about when he emerged as the fortunate winner of a Sh100 million lotto jackpot.

The announcement of his victory took place during the Lotto Shinda Mamili Charity draw on New Year’s Eve, when he was 40 years old. Dreaming of real estate since his childhood, Kung’u planned to allocate the entire Sh100 million jackpot to venture into this industry.

“I’m planning to use the money to venture into the real estate business. I will, however, implement the project after agreement with my wife and family members.” – he said.

He acknowledged that a portion of the funds would be utilized to expand his small-scale farming activities, thereby enhancing his agricultural endeavors. Eli Kipruto Rotich In 2022, Eli Kipruto Rotich, a 22-year-old student from Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology, struck a life-changing fortune of Sh200 million.

His remarkable windfall came through winning the Betika Mega Jackpot after accurately predicting the outcomes of 17 matches with a mere Sh49 bet. 22-year-old Kipruto Rotich wins Sh. 200 million Betika Mega Jackpot Hailing from Nakuru, Rotich was ecstatic to join the ranks of millionaires. Reflecting on his humble betting habits, Rotich expressed his disbelief at the monumental win, considering that he typically spent less than Sh100 on weekends. While uncertain about the specific plans for the money, Rotich recognized the transformative power it held and expressed his eagerness to use it wisely.


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