How live casinos revolutionized the gambling industry

Digital technology is moving the world forward and affecting many industries and businesses along the way. One of the industries that has been almost exclusively positively affected is the online gambling industry, not least online casinos.

New innovations are released all the time, almost to the point of being hard to keep up with. Perhaps the most important change, however, has been the solution to make the digital gambling environment more interactive and lifelike, which resulted in the advent of the live casino.

Live casinos give gamblers the opportunity to enter a gambling environment that feels like they are stepping into a brick-and-mortar casino, but without having to dress up or drive far to get there. Instead, they can sit at home in their living room, preferably in their pajamas. So how do live casinos work, and why is the phenomenon so groundbreaking for the gambling industry?

The Technology That Makes Live Casinos Possible

Technically, live casinos can vary from one game provider to another, but in general, a live casino consists of a number of small studios that resemble real land-based casinos, with gambling tables and dealers. In these studios, there are cameras that capture different angles of each action, and this is streamed live so you can watch it from your computer or smartphone. Thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR), everything that happens in the image is interpreted and translated into a digital language. This information is sent to a GCU (Game Control Unit) which then converts the information into digital material, and this is what you can see on your screen.

Live Casinos Have Changed the Way We Gamble Forever

It is thanks to the pioneering innovation and the technology that live casinos rely on that the gambling industry can now offer its customers a much more authentic casino experience. While live casinos do not, and most likely can not, replace land-based casinos entirely, they are still a good compromise for those who want to experience the feel of a brick-and-mortar casino without actually leaving the comfort of home.

But of course, it does not stop there. The casino industry is constantly implementing new technologies to expand its horizons, and we believe that live casinos, as they are today, are only at the start of something much more revolutionary. As turnover increases, so does the number of investors willing to invest in the industry, allowing it to continue to introduce new technologies and become even better.


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