How LuckyMe Nigeria is adding value to lives

LuckyMe, a leading lottery company is keeping to its promise of adding value to the lives of Nigerians.

This was revealed by the founder of the platform during an interactive session with R, Desayo Olamilokun explaining the essence of the company.

“It is a digital platform that offers hope and assistance to Nigerians.  A platform that would support other good causes around the country and become a pillar of support to the government in reaching the underserved and unserved in the society.

“The platform affords Nigerians the chance to win various monetary prizes. It is a digital game of chance that can be played on a cell phone, tablet or personal computer and is approved by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission,” – he said.

She stated that the aim is to provide opportunities where Nigerians can moderately bet on their luck to gain assistance for their different endeavours.

According to her, it is a way of adding value and giving lives a meaning in its own way, by helping people win more with less.

Furthermore, he said:

“Luckyme Nigeria is focused on the upwardly mobile and the literate.  We believe that the less advantaged or less educated should not be exploited. Players should have a fair understanding of their engagement to create a sustainable social system.  Conversely, our good cause initiatives and outreaches are entirely focused on empowering the disadvantaged.”


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