How new technology is changing sports betting in Ghana

Sports betting is extremely popular in Ghana and more and more Ghanaians are doing it. The Covid-19 pandemic threatened to change this, but the betting industry adapted to the new reality quickly by putting all of its resources towards online betting.

If anything, the health crisis probably accelerated the transition from offline betting shops to online sports betting. Online bookmakers suddenly became a high demand commodity and betting enthusiasts who have never gone online were suddenly turning into prolific digital bettors.

Unfortunately, the sudden increase in online betting traffic inevitably meant that a lot of inferior betting sites saw more customers than they were ready for. This resulted in some disgruntled players and below-par betting experiences.

As a rule of thumb, to avoid being let down by a sports betting operator always go with only the top sportsbooks. The ones indexed in this list of sports betting sites in Ghana certainly meet those requirements.

However, even the best sportsbooks wouldn’t have been able to make the transition so seamless for players if the right technology wasn’t already in place. Here’s how the latest in sports and betting science has improved online wagering for Ghanaians.

Betting on the Go

The biggest difference that technology has made to the overall betting experience is in where punters can place their bets from. There is no longer a need to physically go to the betting shop, wait in line, place your bet and check and re-check your betting slip.

With online betting, bettors have the chance to place wagers from the comfort of their armchair instantly and without much hustle.

What is more, mobile betting apps are commonplace at most reputable bookmakers and they simplify the betting experience massively. Navigating an app is much easier than navigating a desktop site. This is because the app content is streamlined to fit a smaller screen, but also to provide increased functionality.

Finally, most apps are available for both Android and iOS users. This means that almost any Ghanaian with a mobile device can use them.

Live Betting and Live Streaming

Experienced punters just love live betting and live streaming options. They enable seasoned betting pros to wager at in-play events and are a great opportunity to make some extra dough.

Watching matches live is usually enough for the veteran betting eye to get all the information it needs regarding the outcome of a game. This allows for thought out and educated bets to be made and that usually means profit for the punter.

More Payment Methods

Ghanaian punters who bet online can do so using a lot of different banking options. These include payment methods such as credit and debit cards, eWallets, bank wires, prepaid cards etc. This is in stark contrast with the dearth of options offline betting shops offer and is one more reason how digital technology is changing sports betting.

The Ghanaian government facilitates this transition too. It puts increasingly more focus on digital payments and just recently they launched three new policies to accelerate digital payments.

A Chance for Early Cash Out

The worst feeling when betting is losing at the final hurdle. Getting through your entire accumulator bet only to be let down by the last selection is something that most punters have experienced. It feels like a gut punch and it takes days for bettors to recuperate.

Fortunately, online betting technology offers an alternative to bettors. Online players can now ask for early cash out when down to the last couple of propositions on a slip. The cash-out amount is always lower than the original winnings total. However, cashing out early is also much better than being left empty-handed.

Virtual Sports Betting

The lack of real sports due to Covid-19 has resulted in the world shifting towards virtual sports. Fortunately for betting enthusiasts, just like regular sports, virtual ones are also great for wagers.

The technology behind them enables for all sorts of bets to be made and virtual Ghanaian punters can verify this.


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