How Nigeria Became Africa’s Biggest Gambling Hotspot

Just like the rest of the world, online gambling is exploding all over Africa. Nigeria, in particular, has become a hotbed for gambling. In terms of revenue, Nigeria only trails South Africa among African countries.

With its location, Nigeria is arguably a bigger hotspot for betting on the continent. But other than its large population and strategic location, what has made Nigeria the biggest gambling hotspot in Africa? Let’s look at the biggest reasons why gambling has become so popular.

Internet Access

Therezhas been a sharp increase in the number of Nigerians with Internet access in recent years. More importantly, that number is projected to keep climbing. As of 2022, Nigeria had roughly 84 million Internet users, which was still less than one-third of the country’s population of roughly 230 million. However, current projections have that number growing to nearly 120 million Internet users by 2027. Those numbers surpass all other African nations in terms of Internet access, which is vital in the world of online gambling.

Naturally, Internet access is critical for anyone with an interest in learning more about online casinos. The selection of online casinos today is greater than it’s ever been. Those who want to play casino games online simply have to educate themselves about secure sites that offer the types of games they wish to play.

Growing Middle Class

Hand in hand with the increase of Internet access in Nigeria is the growth of its middle class. Since the turn of the century, the middle class in Nigeria has increased by 600%. That means a lot more Nigerians with disposable income. Where there is disposable income, there is bound to be betting activity. Keep in mind that middle class households are more likely to have Internet access. That marriage of income and Internet access creates the perfect storm for a gambling hotspot.

Interest in Sports

While online casinos are experiencing a boom, the same is true of sports betting. The passion for sports in Nigeria runs high, making sports betting a natural fit for sports-obsessed fans in the country. There is already data showing that over 50% of sports bettors in Nigeria place wagers on a daily basis. Given its high population and Internet access, it’s only a matter of time until more sports betting platforms start operating in Nigeria.

Therefore, it will become increasingly easy for people in Nigeria to make wagers on their favorite sports, increasing the popularity of betting even more, making it clear that Nigeria is the top gambling hotspot on the African continent.


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