How Not To Lose Your Bet

The thrill of winning is always something we all look forward to whether it’s in a competitive environment or just for leisure. The same applies to losing, which can be very frustrating and heartbreaking.

A lot of punters lick their wounds daily and weekly after unsuccessful attempts at outsmarting bookmakers with their predictions, they end up falling into a circle of unending losses which leaves them dejected and unsure of themselves in subsequent forecasting endeavour.

The real reason this trend will continue with punters is not because they are not knowledgeable about the teams they select, neither is it because the bookmakers engage in shady arrangements to gain an advantage, it is simply because many punter are GREEDY.

More often than not, I see a punter select 15 to 20 games on a ticket with the hope of winning millions, then to make matters worse, they invest as little as N100. Of course outside luck which might come to play once in a while, what you get is a loss.

The best way to go about not losing a bet is to engage in extensive research about the teams you want to bet on, check history, home and away form, current form, players status, and other vital statistics relating to the teams and the game. Then carefully select the market that you think will best give you result, and most importantly, select just few games and invest a fairly larger amount of money. If you are used to selecting 1,200 odds from 16 games and then staking N100 to win N220, 000, it will be wiser to select 3 or 4 sure games that can give you a maximum of 5 odds, then stake N1000 to win N5, 400. Consistently stake like this and take profit at each stage and in a short time you would have built a sizable bankroll and overcome the disappointment of losing all the time.

You can also employ the services of sports forecasting and prediction experts. Make sure you also research to get the genuine prediction sites that will take away all the stress of making permutations and guarantee you a winning plan. Most of these sites will even make life easy by sending you a bet code daily or weekly at a small fee.


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