How safe are you gambling online?

Security and safety should be everyone’s concern as long as they are considering gambling from online casinos. The security concerns range from the safety of your banking details, fairness in a game, or even whether the casino is legit to mention just but a few.

Unfortunately, some of the gamblers are not keen enough to check the security detail upfront and only do it when it’s a bit late when an issue has already cropped up. We at e-play Africa advocate for a thorough security review before you decide on sharing your banking details online or even invest your hard-earned money into staking. Make sure you gamble with a casino that puts the safety of your data as a priority and one that actually pays out your winnings.

There are hundreds of online casinos from numerous casino providers. The majority are legit but it’s worth confirming before gambling with any of them. You must be wondering what makes a casino safe. Don’t worry, in this article, we will be guiding you on what to look for to verify the security detail as well as provide some information on some of the possible questions on the safety and security of online casinos.

The background of casino security concerns

Gambling from land-based establishments has always been strictly regulated. Online gambling has been a work in progress since its invention. This is not an exception to the online gambling sector as it happened across the board to all businesses conducted online especially those that developed around the internet boom era. During this period there were no adequate laws on online businesses and most people treated the internet as mere western indulgence. Now the internet is one of the most lucrative business avenues where multi-million dollar projects are delivered and millions generated as income. This advancement has seen the online space develop more strict rules and regulations from government entities. This means that gambling operators have gained more credibility through complying with the requirements of operating within any given country.

What factors are responsible for ensuring the safety of an online casino?

You might be wondering how you get to differentiate a low-quality casino from a reputable one. It’s no walk in the park but its worth some research. The two major factors that should give light to your research are the regulatory agencies in charge of testing that particular casino you are reviewing and the RNG the casino is using.

1. Reviewing the testing body and the organizations regulating the casino
Every business must have a license to operate legally in any country. This is no exception to gambling. The license should, however, be issued by a jurisdiction that is credible. To keep the licenses the gambling operators are required to maintain a certain code of conduct else the licenses are revoked. Most African Casinos are regulated by local regulatory bodies which in most cases are government agencies.

2. How reliable is the Random Number Generator the casino is using?
RNG is the key to fair and secure online gambling. We always advise players to check on the credibility and the reliability of the RNG any casino of their interest is using. Most of the live casinos offer card games and slots. This means that the gameplay involves the spinning of a reel and dealing of cards virtually. The credible RNG should ensure that you are only playing against luck and not against a rigged system. Some of the games reported to be rigged usually have no winners regardless of the times a player spins the wheel. This can only mean that the system is rigged to the disadvantage of the players. You don’t need to worry as the good news is you can always find the RNG verification on the website of the online casino in question.

The Don’ts
1. Avoid using public internet. Most African businesses such as hotels have adopted a new way of attracting customers by providing free Wi-Fi. This can be dangerous since someone can hack into your connection and commit very serious data crimes.

The Bottom line
Reviews never go wrong. The easiest way to a credible online casino is reading reviews. Usually, these will be from real experiences. Additionally, there are very helpful sites that provide a list of all blacklisted casinos or the rigged casinos.

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