How South Africa Has Emerged as a Leader in Online Gambling

Gambling in South Africa had always been banned since when the country was under the Dutch colony. Despite the negative attitude towards gambling, there was always a hope that this would change.

The change was realized when the government took the initiative and allowed gambling through a licensed system under the National Gambling Board. The board is tasked with regulating gambling in South Africa through establishing standards and policies on the issue.

The government also allowed some of South Africa’s local provinces to start licensing both online and land casinos. South Africa has a strong gambling industry, which grows every year and is among the leading countries in online betting in Africa.

South Africa’s Biggest Casinos

There are many online casinos in South Africa. This has led to an increase in the number of people who bet. Most of the casinos are located near urban areas.

Suncity is one of the most famous online casinos in South Africa. Its reputation has enabled it to attract many people from all over the world.

Suncity casino offers a wide variety of games: over 40 table games and over 100 slot games. It also has tourist attraction sites with game parks where the tourists can enjoy a full safari experience. Moreover, there is a wide variety of entertainment since it has a hotel, resort, and restaurant.

According to iafrikan, online casinos are very popular, and it is one of the sources of revenue for the government through taxation. You will have fun when playing casino games because they give you a chance to create your own characters through graphics and animations. Most players prefer baccarat and poker games since they have better win probabilities.

Mobile Gambling

According to SBCNews, mobile gambling has been facilitated by the rapid growth of internet penetration and increased mobile subscription. You will find that most young people will bet on major European Soccer Leagues using their smartphones. This convenience has, to a huge extent, increased the rate of online gambling in South Africa.

Mobile betting is legal in South Africa. Legalizing it has made its regulation and taxation easier for the government. For the gamblers, it is a huge plus as they can bet on live sports from the comfort of their homes. There are many games that you can bet online such as rugby, soccer, tennis, and cricket.

Mobile gambling in South Africa has been boosted by the growth of mobile banking in the country. This technology creates the convenience of easy loading and withdrawing money from their online betting accounts. This process takes less time compared to other forms of money transfer.
Online Casino Games in South Africa

According to Sharon Bruce of NJGamblingFun –

“you will enjoy all types of casino available at the online platforms. In an online casino slot, you have the chance to place the wagers in any of the slot games. Players love online casinos because the games are easier to win. You will also enjoy benefits from great features like bonuses”.

South Africa has approximately 40 working casinos, both land-based and online-based. The casino’s expenditures have always been reassessed in line with other local and social jurisdiction. This helps ensure the industry contributes maximum to the National Responsible Gambling Program. The commission also recommends that you need to renew the licenses every five years.

South Africa’s online casinos have table and card games. The sites here offer multiple betting options and game variations when you engage in games like blackjack, poker, and baccarat. All these come with numerous bonuses provided by the casinos.

Regulatory Measures for Gambling in South Africa

The country has put some measures in place, which can help you to minimize the negative impact of gambling. These are applicable across all modes of gambling. In order to ensure regulatory and transparency, the commission has issued the following recommendations:

  • The oversight roles of the board should be removed; instead, the auditors of provincial regulators audit the compliances under national norms and standards.
  • When an illegal lottery activity takes place, legal discipline will be carried out in special accordance with the law.
  • The commission also recommends a professional grant-making institution that has been established to provide strategic direction and oversight.
  • The roles of the National Gambling Board have been reviewed, and some of its mandates given to other institutions.

According to News24, the unlicensed and illegal forms of gambling in South Africa have remained unregulated. The most common forms of illegal gambling activities include bush racing, cards and dice, interactive gambling and some kinds of poker games. However, the government is working towards reducing illegal gambling activities prevalent in the country.

Modes of Payments

You notice that South Africa offers many modes of payments to its customers, including bank payments and mobile. Both of these methods are reliable, but the mobile payment mode is much faster. Moreover, their online casinos will use a special encryption method to ensure your credit cards are safe.

Further, online casinos allow using credit cards, E-wallets, and other prepaid cards. If you do not have a card, you may use wire transfers. If you have sufficient funds in your bank account, then a South African bank cheque is also acceptable.

The use of these payment methods is truly ideal, especially for foreigners that do not have much access to South African local currency. The online casino has also taken the initiative of ensuring the bonuses and promotions you get are paid instantly. This is part of their strategy to ensure that they continue to remain competitive globally.

the Future Is Bright for South Africa

In summary, the growth rate of online gambling in South Africa has increased immensely in the last years. The legalization of gambling in the country has contributed to this growth by regulating and controlling how the casinos are operated. This has effectively enabled South Africa to rank among the top countries in the world where people can bet to earn an income.

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