How Technology Has Changed Poker & Gambling Industry

Like many other industries out there, the gambling industry has also gone through radical changes influenced by technology. This has seen its transit from the land-based casino to online casinos.

The mobile gambling sector has also experienced rapid growth courtesy of technological improvements, and it now prides itself on $120 million in net worth. Mobile technology is among the top examples of the massive success of technology if utilized well.

To understand how the gambling sector has been transformed courtesy of the time-to-time innovations, you need to have basic facts by first considering the gambling timeline.

We linked up with one of our gamer experts Kevin Cochran (view profile), to enlighten you better on the impact of technology on casinos. Read on to find out.

Gambling Timeline

In 1790 when gambling was still the new thing, Harry Ogden rose from the unexpected spheres and became the first man to make huge profits from bookmaking. He was operating at the Newmarket Racecourse.

He was known for offering laying odds on all the horses after studying the fields. But betting did not go beyond the confines until 1960- because of the betting law that illegalized opening of betting shops all over then. Fortunately, betting shops became legal in 1960 in England.

Over 10000 shops were set up all over the country, thus a breakthrough for the gambling sector in Canada as well. Most of the modern casino technology we see today had not been born then. The odds were transmitted through a wire to the gamblers.

But things did not remain the same after 1986 when changes were experienced in the gambling sector. The laws were changed to allow betting houses to provide the gamers with drinks and put them on television screens to watch.

The gambling laws also allowed fixed-odds terminals to rise alongside slot machines, thus offering more gaming options.

The breakthrough in the 90s

Fortunately, the growth did not stop at that. Other changes were experienced in the 90s, especially after the emergence of the internet. Online casinos became a reality and there are thousands of online casino real money sites in Canada.

By 2012, the situation had already changed, and the number of gamers had increased compared to the earlier years. That saw the gambling market experience growth in revenue up to $4 billion and in 2017, it reached $50billion. Today the story is different in terms of figures considering that the growth has never stopped and the industry keeps embracing new technologies.

How mobile technology changed the gambling industry

As revealed by various reports, mobile gambling has had a significant impact on the gambling industry. In 2012, the number of gamers increased by about 70%. Fortunately, the growth rate has continued accelerating.

Many people in Canada and other parts of the world can now access reliable connections and play their favourite games, courtesy of the new technologies. As it stands today, more than 160 million gamblers place their bets through their mobile devices.

The technological breakthrough makes it possible for the mobile gambling sector to dominate the gambling sector with much ease. Mobile gaming is currently convenient for Canadian gamers. It allows them to play their favourite games from wherever they are.

They no longer have to travel to the land-based casinos to enjoy their favourite games. That makes the industry command over 45% of the online gambling market.

How about the betting shops

On the other hand, betting shops have not had an easier time, especially due to the stiff competition from the mobile gambling sector. Through their gaming apps, mobile platforms have been providing gamers with the great convenience and reliability they need.

That has seen the betting shops adopt the latest technologies such as touch screens to remain relevant in the fast-paced gambling market in Canada and other countries. The advantage of providing a physical chatroom allows them to attract some gamers, especially those who understand the social aspect of gaming.

Is the future of gambling technology bright?

If you take a quick look at what is happening in the gambling industry currently and compare it to the previous decades, you will notice that the industry is headed in the right direction. That’s due to the new technologies. Therefore, the future is undeniably bright for the industry.


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