How the Internet Changed Bingo.

Among lottery lovers, the game of bingo is especially popular. Indeed, it has simple rules, and draws are not limited to classic formats. There are online versions that differ in the number of cards, balls, betting range, and prize options supported. However, the popularity of this game wasn’t always at its peak.

History Of The Game
The first mention of bingo is dated 1530. Italians at city fairs in the United States played the lottery Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia. In it, the participants received cards on which the numbers that fell out were marked with beans. Whoever collected the required number of points first shouted out: “Bean go!” – this was the basis for the current name of entertainment. One day, Edwin Low caught the Italians playing bingo. In this way, the entrepreneur decided to make a business out of it. He slightly changed the rules and asked the mathematician to make six thousand unique cards with numbers.

The new lottery was quickly liked by the Americans and gradually began to gain popularity in other states. Then it began to spread around the world. In the mid-80s of the XX century, many states legalized the game of bingo and began to organize national circulations with multi-million dollar prize funds.

Moreover, even representatives of the church allowed the lottery. Separate drawings were held in the parishes. All income from them went to charity. For some time, bingo lost its popularity. Luckily, Since 2000, it has become possible to play bingo online on special lottery services and online bingo sites in the UK. This is how the Internet changed bingo. Till today many gamblers prefer to play this game on various platforms.

How the Internet Changed Bingo: Game Varieties
British variant. The game uses balls with numbers from 1 to 90. Besides, the card includes 3 rows with 9 cells each. They mark them with 15 different numbers. All in all, draws have 3 stages. First, the one who fills any of the rows first is determined. Then the participant who crossed out the numbers in two lines is selected. At the last stage, they determine the main winner. It becomes the participant who painted over all the numbers.

American version. The game uses 75 balls. Here, they represent the cards by a square in the format of 5×5 cells with an empty center. Besides, there are letters under each column – B, I, N, G, O. Participants cross out the drop-down numbers. To win, you need their sequence to form a certain shape, for example, a circle, a square, a rhombus, an arrow.

Game with 80 balls. The card includes 16 cells in the form of a 4×4 square. Here, the definition of winners is carried out according to the rules of bingo in the American version.

Lotto 90. Here you can use numbered kegs instead of balls. Besides, they are in a special bag that replaces the lotto wheel. Participants receive two cards with fifteen numbers each. Meanwhile, the draw takes place in three stages. In this way, the one who crosses out any horizontal line wins. On the second – fill out the entire card. The main prize received the participant who crossed out 30 numbers first. Learn more about the Most Entertaining Bingo Games.

Fundamental Rules Changes.

Offline bingo starts with players buying one or more cards. Each includes a certain number of digits – they go in random order and without repetitions. The dealer launches a lottery drum with balls and calls the numbers to the participants. They are marked by players in the cards. Thus, whoever crosses out at least five numbers vertically or diagonally is one of the winners. The amount of winnings depends on the prize pool. Finally, the largest payout goes to the one who paints over all the numbers first.

On the other hand, virtual versions of the lottery provide animation with a lottery drum. Numbered balls are randomly selected from it. The values ​​on them are displayed in a separate scoreboard on the screen of the online bingo sites. Indeed, the participant does not need to do anything. Here, the program automatically marks the drawn numbers, and the matched prize combinations appear. If you have never experienced this variety of games, you should visit the CyberBingo website.

Pay attention that the rules for playing bingo online are slightly different from the offline format. The participant needs to bet on each card, taking into account the current limits in the selected slot. After winning combinations, you can activate bonus options, play jackpots, or additional rounds can be launched.

Online Game Recommendations.
Indeed, it’s nice to play Bingo with the whole company in one place. Now you can play without leaving your home! Just choose the site you like. You can see the number of participants, whether the game has started, or the purchase of cards is in progress, what is the maximum number of cards in the game and what is their cost. Having made a choice, you can purchase a card or play for fun. Also, we advise you to first play for interest to evaluate the game. The lottery is launched, balls with numbers fall out of it in random order.

Besides, bingo online is fun to play with a group. You can see your game partners and communicate with them (after registering). Even if you are not registered, you will be able to read messages in the chat. If you decide to play for money, you will have to register. Just enter your email address and password and receive a personal code by mail. Moreover, online bingo is so easy to play that you don’t need any additional knowledge. There is no tactic or strategy to increase your chances of winning, which is why playing this game is so easy.

It is a collective game, and you can play with the whole family or a friendly company! This is how the internet changed bingo so its popularity is constantly growing. The stakes for entering the game are very small. A low starting rate and the joy of communicating with a large circle of players is what attracts new participants. More people are playing bingo online, and by comparing with the top casinos.

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