How the online gambling industry has boomed

Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular among many across the globe. More people are gambling either by wagering on big sports events or playing online casino games for fun. The increase in interest and players has led to a lot of competition in the market, and gambling sites are finding new ways to increase traffic.

Why gamble?

A central question to ask when talking about gambling, is why to do it? There is undoubtedly a risk when gambling, and winnings are not certain. However, it is a form of entertainment that excites many, and a new online casino can also offer fun and challenging games. Many view this as a great hobby, and a way to spend their free time. Also, it is always available, and anyone with a phone or computer and internet access can participate. The internet is always evolving, and new inventions are making it both easier, safer, and more desirable to gamble.

Legislations and better marketing

A big reason for the growth in the gambling industry is the legalization that is happening. More states and countries worldwide are making gambling such as betting and online casino games legal, and it is also happening in Africa. This has opened the gambling market to more nations, and the competition is high. Many new casinos are opening up, which has made good marketing and desirable bonuses a must. Sportsbooks and online casinos are prioritizing bigger marketing budgets in order to stay competitive in the huge online market. Technologies regarding safety, user-friendliness, and game development are also key in the online gambling market.

Gambling in Nigeria

Africa is by no means the biggest when it comes to gambling, and the continent only accounts for 1.1% of gambling worldwide. However, it is definitely growing, and more countries are legalizing gambling making it a highly approachable form of entertainment. Nigeria’s huge population of 200 million people makes it a country with huge potential for online gambling providers.

In 2004, the ban on gambling was lifted by the government, and it certainly gave online gambling a boom. It is estimated that no less than 30% of the Nigerian population bets on sports every day, and a total of $2 billion is spent on sports betting each year. Among sports betting, European football is the most popular to watch and bet on, examples are the Spanish LaLiga and the British Premier League, some of the biggest events in football.


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