How to Avoid Sports Betting Scammers

Undoubtedly, online gambling, especially sports betting, has been experiencing technological advancements. This has made it easy for players to access from the comfort of their homes and offices. Also, the amazing bonuses featured by these platforms get players interested.

Unfortunately, while technological improvements come with many blessings, it has also become a means by which criminals get their way. Of course, this results in the loss of funds.

No one comes online to bet on a platform to get scammed. However, it happens. Despite the security approaches gambling sites take to ensure that players do not lose their fortune to scammers online, many people still fall victim to online criminals. This is why it is always advised to take a free guide from a platform like TheTrader before betting online.

How do Fake Sites Work?

With the increased security measures, online scammers have still found ways to exploit online gamers. They know what online gamers need and pretend to offer services that captivate online players. For instance, if you want to jump on an instant bet and you search for online platforms, you are bound to see many platforms, both approved and fake sites as well.

Fake sites could have wonderful, captivating messages like ” guaranteed security.” Of course, players would always want to game on a platform where their security is assured. Some could also come with offering mouth-watering bonuses. Players like to take advantage of bonuses as it increases real-cash winning odds. So they sign-up to these platforms, make payments, and even start gaming. Most of the time, they realize that they have been on a fake platform when they want to withdraw.

Also, during betting site registration, players would be asked some personal details. Players then share financial details on sites that have loopholes in their security system, thus exposing themselves to the risk of getting scammed of their money. A detail of common scam tactics is given below.


This is a scam tactic that is common to online sports betting. In this case, these scammers sell fake handicapping services to players, telling them it would help increase their chances of winning. They always play on gamers’ emotions, using captivating captions like “Get your sure wins.” They also convey a kind of pressure on players to buy their services as they could be on for a limited time. Players should avoid buying services they are unsure of, especially those with too much pressure to purchase from the sellers.

Sports Investment Tactics

Sport investment is another tactic used by some scammers to get the pennies of players online. They come to players, telling them to maximize other forms of making money from sports betting platforms aside from direct betting. They come with amazing proposals, offering players what they want to see, and that is the huge profit involved in making the sports investment.

Scam activities are usually targeted as they come to players that are big business owners. These people don’t have to come online before they are contacted. They send messages and emails to them. This is why players need to be careful with making sports investments.

Technical Issue

The technical issue is one of the commonest ways or tactics that scammers work with, and it happens during withdrawal requests. Suddenly, the smooth-running website that players have been making payments to and placing bets on develops an issue.

Sometimes, they would ask players to wait for a few days for them to upgrade their websites, claiming it has issues with increased subscribers and so on. Some are bold enough to tell subscribers to keep making deposits and play their bets while they rectify the issue associated with the withdrawal process.

These and many more are some tactics explored by fake sports betting platforms to exploit players, scamming them of their hard-earned money.

How to Avoid Sports Betting Scammers

  • Play with Legal platforms: The first thing to do before jumping to place a bet on any platform is to check for the license and approval by the appropriate bodies of that platform. Do not game with platforms that have questionable legal grounding.
  • Be careful with tempting ads: Displaying tempting ads is one of the traps scammers use to get players online. Disregard ads related to betting that just pop up on-screen. Also, ignore messages and emails from unknown persons telling you about sports betting investments. This is because scamming your fortune could just start by clicking on those tempting ads
  • Read the terms and conditions: Be sure of the terms associated with a gambling platform before registering to play with them.
  • Play with platforms that are approved and allowable in your location. Many players have been scammed of their money in a bid to enjoy gaming services online from unverified platforms across the world.

Final Thought

The blessedness of online gambling cannot be doubted. However, due to the increased rate of scam activities, players must be careful with the sites they register with. Players should avoid risky sports betting investments and play with verified platforms. Overall, ensure the terms of services before paying to any sports betting site.


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