How to bet in Esports in Kenya

ESports is growing at an incredible rate and is a booming industry in Kenya. It is an electronic sports video game replicating the real-life action of professional sports and games. Because of the highly competitive environment and life-like nature of these games, It is safe to say that eSports is now close to reaching the same level as regular sports.

Esports is a fast-growing international digital industry where teams and players compete against one another in video games.

Today, anyone can watch an eSports match live-streamed online, on streaming services like Twitch or YouTube, or in person at a bar, ballpark, or arena.

While the practice of video game tournaments has existed for years, the rise in popularity of these streaming sites has led to the growth of this new branch of competitive gaming.

Online eSports betting

Aside from the exposure these streaming platforms have provided, the integration of betting into eSports has also contributed to the continued expansion of this pro-gaming business.

Betting has drawn more individuals to eSports, particularly fans of the game, who now see wagering on eSports as a new way to profit from their beloved sports while watching and supporting them.

The world of eSports is enormous. It includes various regular sports leagues and video games, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and so on.

A growing number of bookmakers are becoming interested in and incorporating betting on eSports into their options. Most leading bookmakers, such as Parimatch, already provide a wide range of video game concepts you can wager on.

In recent years, Dota 2 has been one of the most constant video games on the most popular eSports list.

Every year, fans worldwide watch and wager on professional Dota 2 players as they battle for millions of dollars in prizes. That is why the rate of Parimatch Dota bets and eSport betting, generally, has been increasing rapidly in the last few years.

The game has a whopping player count of over 250 million individuals since its introduction in 2013, demonstrating the tremendous activity surrounding it.

Esports betting in Kenya

Kenya has always been a sports-loving nation, so it’s only logical that eSports will be well-received there. As more Kenyans embrace the frenzy that eSports provides, the country has continued to show signs of further developing into a major eSports-loving nation.

Another key element that has likely aided the rise of eSports wagering in Kenya is the absence of regulatory impediments to betting in the country. The nation allows by law online betting according to its Lotteries and Gaming Act of 1966.

With so many eSports competitions to wager on, you are probably asking yourself how you can get started on eSports in Kenya.

Whether you’re just learning about eSports or an experienced bettor ready to put your knowledge to use in this arena, this article will explore everything you need to know about wagering on eSports in Kenya and helpful tips and tricks to get you started.

1. Find the right bookmaker

This is the first major step in your journey. You must choose a trustworthy site to have smooth sailing in your eSports betting journey.

While several bookies in Kenya provide eSports betting options, it is essential to conduct adequate research about these platforms, such as reading their reviews to choose which one is ideal for you. After finding a perfect choice, sign up, fund your account, and start betting.

2. Find a suitable eSports game

Like traditional sports betting, having a specific eSport game you are highly familiar with is usually beneficial, especially if you are new to the system.

There are several eSport games to wager on, but it is usually best to start with one you are very comfortable with before branching out to others. With so many options available, you should know which eSports game is perfect for you.

While it is frequently said that placing multiple wagers increases your chances of winning, you should strive to focus on one game first, as this will help you place more valuable wagers.

3. Know the best teams and players in eSports

You must be aware of and keep an eye on the finest teams and players in your preferred eSport game. The best teams and players will mostly dominate the scene; therefore, you need to stay updated as you advance to modify your bets accordingly. Do not get caught up in the buzz of one team for an extended period since long-term successful teams are difficult to predict. Instead, you must learn to look out for teams and players dominating the moment. Also, watch out for emerging teams, as they might be the surprise victors and give you substantial wins.

4. Keep up with the latest results and schedules

Because the eSports industry moves quickly and is unpredictable, you must keep up with the outcomes and schedules as they will significantly impact your wager decisions. You will most likely favor the side with a winning streak in your choices. However, this does not always ensure a favorable outcome; thus, you must address other considerations. Staying current will also help you know important details, such as when bets are out, when they are due, etc., – helping you make informed decisions.

5. Take advantage of the odds

Odds, like in conventional sports wagering, can be an indicator of the outcome of an event. They often indicate which side the bookmaker sees as the underdogs and the favorites in any event. While there is no 100% guarantee that the favorite will win as underdogs may pull off an upset, it is still essential for you to learn to read the odds before staking on games.

Kenya is quickly becoming a major eSports-loving nation. The inclusion of wagering in eSports has significantly aided the rise of the sector. To begin eSports betting, sign up with a bookmaker that supports the option, familiarize yourself with the games and begin to place your wagers. Parimatch is a trustworthy website that provides a secure and exciting eSports wagering experience.


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