How to diversify igaming business in Africa

In recent years, igaming investors have been getting increasingly interested in the African continent. And Africa is home to almost one and a half billion people, and the gambling market is not overfilled. This attracts foreign companies involved in the development of games and other entertainment here.

This article considers what types of gaming activities are most popular in Africa and how businesses can diversify their portfolio.

The current state of the African igaming market

In recent years, Africa has been confidently breaking stereotypes about limited resources and lagging behind the rest of the world. The fact is that 70% of the continent’s population has access to high-speed mobile internet and technologies, and this figure continues to grow. Thanks to this, online casinos and bookmakers are rather popular here. Land-based casinos are less popular, due to the pandemic among other things, but they also have enough punters.

The African gaming market is much younger than the European and American ones. Therefore, the regulation of gambling businesses in African countries is rather unclear. Despite this, most types of gambling are officially allowed in most regions, and a categorical ban is valid only in some countries.

The largest igaming centers are South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya. Let’s find out the peculiarities of the African gambling market, consider the example of these particular countries.

Igaming market in South Africa

In South Africa, gambling was legalized relatively recently — in 1994. Now each province of South Africa has its own commission, which regulates the business of organizing and conducting gambling on its territory. The range of gambling games in South Africa is somewhat limited – land-based casinos, a national lottery, and bookmakers that accept bets on sports and horse racing are allowed here. Online casinos are illegal. The national lottery is the most beloved kind of gaming activity in South Africa. The local population prefers it, and only then online sports and casino bets are on the list.

Igaming market in Nigeria

Gambling was legalized in Nigeria in 2004. The National Lottery Regulatory Commission controls them. The most popular gambling activity here is sports betting. Most Nigerians are fond of European football, and they love not only watching it and cheering for their favorite teams but also betting on the outcome of the game and making money on it.

Igaming market in Kenya

Kenya is one of the leading countries in online gambling. Hundreds of casino sites have grown up here in recent years. At the same time, the industry is in demand among a million Kenyans. Most types of gambling are allowed in Kenya. The most popular entertainment is betting on European football, just like in Nigeria. Lotteries are also popular here. In general, all Africans from ancient times love lotteries.

How to diversify the portfolio in Africa

Betting and casinos are developed in Africa at a fairly high level, and a situation is emerging that the usual sports and games will no longer surprise gamblers. To attract their attention, it is worth proposing something new, but at the same time familiar to them, which will not be difficult to understand quickly.

Therefore, the ideal solution for diversifying the portfolio is the integration of TVBET live games.

The B2B provider operates 15 live games available worldwide 24/7, 365 days a year. Its concept is based on reinventing the widely beloved games to the online era. The well-known lotteries and card games like Keno, WheelBet, Poker, and others have been adapted to the world of online streaming. The API integration makes it possible to adjust TVBET interactive frame to the web, mobile, and retail.

Why will players from Africa get involved in TVBET games?

Since African players love to bet on sports and are also very passionate about lotteries and Bingo, they will also love the TVBET games since they combine the features of all these gaming kinds. TVBET products are card games and lotteries that have extensive betting lines and are broadcast live 24/7. The advantage of these games is that the provider’s live games have no seasonality. That is, players will not need to wait for the next major sports tournaments to place bets. They can do this already here and now.

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