How to safely login to online casino in South Africa

Many occasional gamblers are switching from brick-and-mortar casinos to their online counterparts since it’s more convenient. Not only you can play on the go with mobile online casinos, but you can also take advantage of their many bonuses and promotions. However, if you’re looking to start your online gambling adventure it’s important to stay safe.


You should check out top online casinos South Africa has to offer. has made sure that all the casinos they recommend are secure and safe for their South African players.


Once you’ve picked out the casino you wish to play at, you should make an account. You may wonder – how? Well, we’ve got you covered! Read on to find out how to make an account at some of the best online casinos you can access as a player from South Africa.

Find a safe online casino

You can’t make an account safely if you aren’t playing at a top gambling site! Make sure to check for multiple things.


First, how is the casino you’re interested in ranking with other players? Does it have vastly positive reviews? If you can’t find anything but complaints from other players, run in the other direction and fast!


Further, you should always scroll down to the bottom of the casino’s home page to see whether it’s regulated by a gambling commission. Look for the banners by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Malta Gambling Authority, or the Curacao Government to make sure that the casino is complying with certain rules to operate.


For example, Yebo Casino is fully licensed so you can rest assured that all the business by them is fair to their customers.

Click on the “Sign up” button

Once you’re sure that the casino is legit, you can start making an account. Make sure to find a “Sign up” or “Register” button on their page. Most of the time you’ll find it at the upper right corner and it should be brightly colored so you can easily spot it. Click on that button and start the sign up process.

Choose the username and password

The “Sign up” button will take you to another page. There you’ll find a short form you need to complete to make an account. Most of the time the first thing the casino will ask you is to come up with a username and a password.


The username has to be unique since there can’t be two accounts using the same combination of symbols. If your name is already taken, just add a number or two.


When it comes to creating a password, you need to think smart. After all, this is your online gambling account which will have your payment method connected to it. For this reason, you need to be extra safe.


Make sure that your password contains both lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and a couple of symbols too. If you’re not creative you can always use a random password generator you find online. Whatever you do, don’t forget your password!

Fill out the forms

The next step is to provide all the required information. Most of the time the casino will ask you for your name, surname, address, DOB, and an active email address. Make sure that all the information is up to date.

Decide on the bonus

When you submit your information, the casino will ask you whether you wish to use the no deposit bonus or some other offer. Clarify your answer by ticking the box or leaving it empty if you’re not interested. Before you decide on any bonus, make sure to read the terms and conditions.

Verify your account

Once you’re done you should click on “Submit” and your sign-up process is almost complete. You just need to verify the account by clicking on a link you got in your email. This is why it’s key to provide an email you actually use.

Start playing

After this, your account should be ready to go! Visit your casino of choice and start playing. But, before you do that let’s activate some bonuses! Go to the “Cashier” section and scroll through the long list of available bonuses. Springbok Casino, for example, provides their players with a no deposit bonus, so make sure to click on that amazing offer. When you click on the bonus option, type in the promo code and you’re all set! Go get that jackpot!

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