How to talk to your children about gambling?

Even though it’s illegal for minors to gamble, a lot of teenagers, are seeing a lot of gambling going on around them.

Adverts encouraging gambling are common on tv and radio. Betting shops are placed allover and children see these on there way to and from school. The purchase of a virtual loot box and other rewards from games played on mobile phones. Those seemingly harmless actions can lead to serious harm. It’s a good idea to raise the issue of gambling with your kids before it becomes a problem. Findout how to talk to your teenagers before they experience problems with gambling.

Start the conversation

Choose the right moment

Those moments with your child at home doing housework, watching tv or during a casual walk are all excellent opportunities to begin the discussion about gambling.

Listen to your child

When talking about issues, it’s important to actively listen. They will be more receptive to the message if your approach is light and conversational.

Keep it short

Short conversations will drive the message home. Long-winded lectures may have your teen tuning out before you’ve successfully got your message across.

Be relevant

Let your conversations fall within kids’ interests. For example: If they enjoy playing video games, consider talking about eSports betting. If they like video games, talk to them about loot boxes.
Help your child reduce the negative impacts of gambling

Talk about the risk by scratch tickets, sports betting, gambling, and gaming. Tell them about tthe hidden signs of a problem, like hiding debts, skipping classes or work. Lead by example. Teens learn from their parents. If you talk about responsible gambling and have a plan to protect yourself, they will, too.

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