How will punters fare to new gambling approach?

Since the suspension of major football leagues across the globe due to Covid-19, the African continent is the most hits.

Perhaps as we have seen over the last decade sports betting is the most preferred choice of gambling in the continent as you will often see, particularly football betting is popular among players in the continent. Football is the mainstream culture of the African people to the extent that if they are no weekend football matches, it affects them psychologically that result in a dull weekend for most punters.

However, as its stands software suppliers are offering bookmakers the opportunity to take their business online to keep their customers engage with virtual sports. Though, as most of African leaders intensify a stricter approach to contain the spread of the virus in their countries. Perhaps the recorded cases of covid-19 keep soaring in the continent as it stands now over 2,486 confirmed cases, 203 recoveries and 64 deaths in 46 countries.

However, some states have shut down their economy. In the coming weeks, we expect other countries in Africa to follow suit while some as extended the banned to a business entity in the continent. The question now is will punters adapt to a whole new gambling method of wagering on virtual sports which is often accessible through PC and as you will usually be seen betting in the shop is still prevalent.

However, now with a supplier offering bookmakers the opportunity to take the business online, therefore, online mobile betting will be the option for punters as you will see in Africa smartphone penetration is quite more popular than laptops or tablets users. Still, the question is will the new solution offered by the supplier will it provide that excellent customer experience. Accessing virtual sports through your mobile device could be complacent that customers could find it challenging to obtain even if it becomes accessible will it offered that great experience.

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