IAGR introduces Illegal Gambling Working Group

The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) is forming an Illegal Gambling Working Group (IGWG) in our continued commitment to safeguarding and enhancing global gambling regulatory practices.

Following extensive discussions at the 2023 Botswana conference on the significant challenges illegal gambling activities pose to our member jurisdictions, the IAGR Board agreed to create this vital working group.

The purpose of the IGWG is to facilitate the sharing of information, experiences, and learnings between jurisdictions and to assist, where appropriate, with the establishment of more formal modes of collaboration and intelligence sharing.

The Great Britain Gambling Commission (GC) has volunteered to initiate and steward the IGWG with Ian Angus, Director of Policy, who is anticipated to chair the inaugural session in late March to early April.

The IGWG will convene as a confidential forum for regulatory bodies to:

  • Exchange information about illegal gambling challenges
  • Share distinct jurisdictional experiences and strategies against illegal operations
  • Support emerging gaming jurisdictions transitioning to a regulated market structure
  • Engage with external expertise, enhancing discussions beyond our regulatory community
  • Share best practice approaches for tackling illegal gambling
  • Serve as a liaison for regulators seeking confidential information exchange
  • Aid in drafting Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) to solidify international cooperation
  • Facilitate inter-agency cooperation to bolster our collective regulatory efforts
  • Our multi-faceted approach is designed to provide a cohesive response to the pervasive issue of unlicensed gambling.

Membership of IGWG remains open to all IAGR members, with anticipated support from the Board of Trustees to carry forward the group’s recommendations.

Interested members are asked to complete the Expression of Interest form by 28 February to formalise participation.

You can review the IGWG’s Terms of Reference for more information.

Source:  iagr.com

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