IBIA’s betting integrity network expanded in Africa through BetKing

Established in 2018, BetKing operates both online and retail betting services, with licences in Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and Kenya. IBIA provides global betting integrity monitoring and alert platforms for fraud; BetKing will now feed into IBIA’s services, strengthening the integrity organisation’s presence in the African market.

IBIA members account for over $137bn in global betting turnover per year and nearly 50% of all regulated online betting activity. The association, formed by operators, protects members from corruption with anti-corruption tools, which detect and report suspicious activity in members’ betting markets.

Using information from sports and gambling regulators, IBIA has been able to utilise data and prosecute corruption, while growing its partnerships simultaneously. Its member base now extends to BetKing too.

BetKing’s Head of Trading Operations, Karim Faith, said:

“We are delighted to have joined the fight against corruption in sport and look forward to working with IBIA; and our colleagues across the industry in tackling match-fixing and all associated fraudulent activity.”

Recently, IBIA extended its partnerships in the European market, with VBet signing up, which holds operating markets in Great Britain, Malta, France and Sweden.

And in late April, IBIA reported that cases of suspicious betting dropped by 39% for Q1 2022, as a result of the organisation’s “substantially widened membership base in the first three months of 2022”.

Source: gamblinginsider.com

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