iGaming in Africa. A Boom in the Making?

Africa is a vast continent, hosting an estimate of 1.2 billion people. Due to the immense landmass covered by the 54 nations, you can find a variety of cultures, right from Algeria, down to South Africa. Even with the diverse histories and laws, the digital age has become a unifying factor.

Studies show that over half a billion people in Africa have access to the internet, representing about 40% of the total population. Even the world trends that often took years to reach people can now spread in just a few hours. iGaming is one such example, and the continent is poised to grow exponentially in the near future.

iGaming is simply the use of the internet to place bets upon the outcome of an event. In Africa, the most common forms of iGaming are sports betting and online casinos. These activities are the primary sources of revenue among operators. Unlike land-based gambling, iGaming is more flexible because gamblers can access online casinos from their devices. Operators can also reach a broader market to expand their businesses. The beauty of iGaming is the variety of payment methods. For instance, you can make deposits using e-Wallets or mobile banking.

An Emerging Market

Business growth analysts have identified Africa as a potential hub for sports betting because of the surge in internet penetration. The continent is witnessing a massive rise in betting activities as more youths access portable devices like tablets, mobile phones and computers. Today, out of ten youths, at least four of them have access to the internet connection.

As a result, African players are equally empowered, like those in the western world. The value of the internet is access to information where youths can learn and socialize. Entertainment potential has also grown in Africa, meaning young people can stream movies and indulge in iGaming.

An Attractive Proposition

Technology is the central pillar for iGaming, and it has given way to easy spending of money. Since the introduction of mobile money, many gambling operators have created partnerships to facilitate smooth transactions for their clients. Today, you simply have to stay in your comfort zone and deposit money at the simple tap of a finger. Due to these easy operations, most of the youths in Sub-Saharan Africa are now betting clients. In Kenya, for example, over 80% of University students are betting enthusiasts. The irresistible glamour of playing fancy games and winning insane sums of money on mobile is another motivation why young people in the African continent are embracing iGaming.

The Rise in Addiction

Apart from entertainment, the African population is keen on alleviating poverty; so many players succumb to the temptation of winning large amounts of money. Consequently, many youths have fallen to addiction. Unscrupulous websites have taken advantage of the African market, yet they do not offer any forms of protection. Gambling laws are also very lenient, where governments fail to implement plans to safeguard their people. Unfortunately, bettors never take time to explore information on the internet regarding their safety.

Despite the exponential growth of sports betting and online gambling in Africa, there is little education about the adverse effects of this activity. This is attributed to the lack of resources to build education facilities to emancipate the masses. You will be surprised to learn that there is no single problem gambling help centre in Africa, not even a counselling program. Those who are caught in the addiction mess are left to succumb. In the western world, betting operators are tasked with the responsibility of warning users about the impending danger that they face. In the African setup, there is no law to implement such measures.

Too bad that most populations in Africa are languishing in poverty, and the driving factor for betting is the urge to improve their living standards. Unfortunately, betting is a game of chance which has led most Africans into abject poverty.

Not All Bad News

The future of Africa is bright because the boom in iGaming is poised to transform the user experience. The continent should learn from the experience of South America, which turned around operations to improve the lives of people through iGaming. Essentially, Africa should take advantage of the industry that is on the rise and improve the regulatory system. It is through strong legislation that the industry will earn revenue to the individual countries. Foreign investment is also something to explore because local businesses could use the opportunity to create their own apps for betting. Africa hosts some of the sharp minds regarding IT, and such opportunities in iGaming can create employment for them. In future, they could form companies and develop apps for betting operators. This is a source of revenue that would sustain such individuals in the long term.

iGaming companies will be compelled to embrace ethical standards and give young people the moral guidance that they deserve. The operators should come up with policies to safeguard gamers and protect them from the danger of addiction. Besides, African nations must invest in education centres to inform gamblers about the risks of betting. Another alternative is for schools to include betting safety within their curriculums.

Final Word

The introduction of iGaming carries both positive and negative effects. However, the adverse effects can be alleviated through strict adherence to the law. All the 54 nations should collectively institute laws against rogue firms that are operating illegally in the continent. No doubt that iGaming will transform the continent by improving user experience if proper regulations are applied.

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