International bookmakers ranked among the best betting sites in South Africa

Despite recent setbacks that have affected the iGaming industry on a global level, the South African betting market has become more diverse and more competitive than ever.

With the introduction of a number of international bookmakers on the South African betting scene, there are now more top betting sites plying their trade than ever before. An overview of the best betting sites in South Africa shows that the vast majority of betting companies are now in fact global operators.

Growing options for South African players

Even compared to two or three years ago, the betting landscape in South Africa has undergone major changes, largely to do with the steady and increasing introduction of a number of recognisable brands.

It leaves South African players with a wide array of options to consider, whether they should take their business to a local operator or an international betting site.

One of the major benefits of international betting sites is security, especially those that hold their licences under reputable and accountable government institutions like the UK and Malta.

Choosing recognisable brands has allowed South Africans a variety of choice, but also peace of mind when it comes to considering security for their online betting.

The benefits of a bolstered sportsbook

It’s not just security that many South Africans have stated as being one of the main reasons for moving toward international operators. The variety of betting markets, betting features and promotional offers such as welcome bonuses are, on the whole, largely more diversified with larger betting companies.

South Africa has a rich sporting history, with a variety of sports enjoyed across different regions and social strata. Football, rugby and cricket can all be counted among the nation’s favourite sports, making a varied sportsbook an absolute necessity to cater to the country as a whole.

Local solutions for local needs

However, one of the main areas where many international betting companies have fallen short is their understanding and appreciation of local markets, which can often impact on the local services they offer.

A lack of viable deposit methods, payment options and deposits in local currencies often turns local players away, particularly in the burgeoning African markets – South Africa being no different in this respect.

Although there are now a number of betting sites in South Africa now looking to tackle this problem. The likes of Betway are now offering a localised service with all the aforementioned benefits an international operator can offer.

This Betway review details the wide range of payment methods that they currently offer to South Africans, making it easy to see how simple, practicability solutions can be one major factor in attracting potential players.

Food for thought for operators

Many international operators that ply their trade on a global level offer premium services when it comes to betting features and odds on offer. But as has been shown in the case of South Africa and many other developing markets, making a distinctive impact is also about offering localised services.

Currently only a handful of betting companies are successfully offering the best of both world in South Africa, but it remains to be seen just how many will be turned in the coming months and years.

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