Is Africa is the Next Big Gambling Market?

The increase of internet gambling has reached African shores and it is simple to see that the continent is next in line for huge restructuring.

Africa is a modern country that adapts well to transforming this is precisely how the rules of gambling evolve. Currently, gambling is on the increase in the nation, with earnings forecast to exceed 30 billion over the next year, based on the progressive increase in sales since 2014.

While online gambling in South Africa is still illegal, there are online casinos authorised to cater for the African market. There are, however, some African nations that have already legalised online gambling. Trusted casino sites in southern Africa are somewhat uncommon, but would be extremely popular if legalised.

Online gambling has been anticipated to be legalised in the not-so-distant future that would prove to be a profitable sector as Africans have restricted online casinos. For this to occur, the 2008 National Gambling Amendment Act will have to be passed into law, but there are strong hopes that this will quickly come to fruition.

Despite being restricted to internet gambling, it is legally permitted for African people to participate in sports betting, legal since 1996. Horse racing is particularly popular with internet gamers and being a legal activity has made online sports betting a favourite way to wager cash.

In nations banning gambling, land-based casino resorts are extremely common opening up the market that sparks interest in the convenience of online gambling.

Africa is a modern country and technology may be costly ahead of time, but it’s there and casino lovers use it to their benefit by accessing online casinos via mobile phones, laptops and desktops. Mobile casino gambling is a preferred technique as most members of African casino use their smartphones to claim bonuses for welcome and sign up for membership. For this reason, when online gambling ultimately becomes legal where it is presently banned, accessibility of mobile casinos will be among some of the criteria needed for online casinos to be effective in the competitive online casino gaming sector.

Desktop gaming is just as common, but online gambling is not limited to desktop and laptops thanks to contemporary technology.

The market in South Africa plans to improve the amount of existing licensed casinos operating under offshore licenses. An estimated total of 38 casinos are currently in service and the market is expected to grow over the next few years, which will hopefully legalise online gambling by this moment.

Focusing on how Africa as a whole has evolved, it shouldn’t be long before nations where online casino gaming is illegal evolve and become legal, generating income and attracting overseas markets. And with a focus on Africa, we think it’s actually the next large gambling industry and will take the world by storm when legalised across all African nations.


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